Texas Teacher Called 9-11 Hijackers ‘Freedom Fighters’ And The Holocaust ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

A Texas high school teachers told her students to refer to the 9-11 hijackers “freedom fighters” and not hijackers. Parents were also angry that the Lumberton High School Advanced Placement World Geography teacher for telling the students to stop calling the Holocaust a genocide. The teacher instructed the teenagers to call the Holocaust “ethnic cleansing.”

The Lumberton High School teacher also garnered backlash for asking students to dress in Islamic clothing during one class session. Photos of students wearing burqas surfaced on Facebook. Texas State Senator Dan Patrick is launching an investigation into student’s claims they were forced to write an essay blaming Egypt’s woes on Democracy, the Washington Times notes.

Texas Superintendent John Valastro supported his teacher’s actions and choice of labeling. During an interview with Fox News the Lumberton High School administrator had this to say:

“I don’t think my freshman level teacher was trying to politicize radical Islam or anything like that. I don’t think our teacher has … to my knowledge, ever converted a single student to Islam.”

Parent April LeBlanc maintains that the students were told they couldn’t use the term terrorist or suicide bomber any longer. The upset mother also stated that a freedom fighter gives his life for a Holy War before going to heaven. LeBlanc also had this to say about her daughter’s instruction during the geography class:

“They were saturating these kids in Islam and my daughter is an American Christian child. My biggest thing is not the burqa. That was key to opening up the rest. It’s scary how far they dove into the Islamic faith.”

At least one student voiced sympathy for her geography teacher. She believes the teacher did not want to teach this particular unit but had to because it was in the curriculum. During the lesson about the Holocaust, the teacher reportedly told the students that she was supposed to be “politically correct” when teaching about the tragedy and call it ethnic cleansing.

What do you think about the Texas high school that called 9-11 hijackers freedom fighters and said the Holocaust was ethnic cleansing?

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