'The Bachelorette' Spoilers: Hannah Brown's Last 2 Men Teased By Reality Steve, Along With An Intriguing Twist

New Bachelorette spoilers about Hannah Brown's season have just emerged thanks to spoiler king Reality Steve, and these ones are juicy. There had been some mystery in the air over the past week or so regarding Brown's season, with more questions than answers available about how Hannah was whittling down her final four men. Now, some clarity has become available.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers had detailed that after Hannah's four hometown dates, production seemingly took all four men to Greece as well. She had her overnight fantasy night suite dates, and The Inquisitr noted that Luke Parker was apparently eliminated.

At that point, it seemed that some combination of Jed Wyatt, Peter Weber, and Tyler Cameron were still remaining heading into the last-chance dates. Reality Steve had also said that Hannah's final rose ceremony would take place either Friday, May 10, or Saturday, May 11, in Greece. Now, he is sharing additional Bachelorette spoilers via Twitter.

In a thread, Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers indicate that the reason all four hometown date recipients were flown to Greece is that Brown chose not to eliminate anybody after meeting everybody's families. All four guys got a shot at overnight dates as well.

Something seemingly happened between Hannah and Luke during the daytime portion of their date in Greece. While Reality Steve's spoilers don't reveal specifics yet, it seems that Brown eliminated Parker before the overnight part of their outing. That means that the final three are Jed, Peter, and Tyler.

The Bachelorette spoilers from the gossip king go on to indicate that Luke showed up at the following rose ceremony to talk to Hannah. However, nothing changed in terms of her deciding to keep him. Hannah then eliminated Peter, leaving Jed and Tyler as her final two men.

Hannah's final rose ceremony reportedly has taken place, but Reality Steve has not yet confirmed spoilers regarding whether Brown chose Cameron or Wyatt. However, he will likely be able to reveal that scoop soon.

Reality Steve went on to add that he knew Luke was eliminated because Parker was seemingly sent home after the elimination and he was spotted at JFK airport in New York. Reality Steve managed to track down confirmation of that, and now he's been able to detail that Luke has been home since Tuesday and finished fourth.

Why did Hannah decide to take four men to Greece for the overnight dates? Will it be Jed Wyatt or Tyler Cameron who receives Hannah Brown's final rose and will she get engaged? The big premiere airs on Monday, May 13, and Bachelorette spoilers about the final rose ceremony should emerge soon.