Watch A 92-Year-Old Grandmother’s Dying Wish Come True [Video]

Dorothy Ellis, a 92-year-old grandmother, had an unusual dying wish: She wanted to float through the skies high above her home in Kansas. Dorothy’s family fulfilled her request, capturing the wondrous and delightful moment in a touching video mere weeks before she passed away.

Dorothy’s wish first took shape after she witnessed a local man’s use of a motorized parachute. She told her family just six weeks before her death that she would love to experience the same sky-bound adventure. It was a wish her family was determined to make come true.

An article by Yahoo! News writes that Dorothy’s granddaughter and her hospice nurse enlisted a local pilot to assist the 92-year-old grandmother in a motorized parachute of her own. On September 18, Dorothy Ellis took to the skies of Iola, Kansas while her son captured the beautiful experience on video.

Holly Ellis, Dorothy’s granddaughter and a production manager at CafeMom Studios, compiled scenes from the glorious event into a video which she shared on YouTube this week. With a lovely rendition of “Over the Rainbow” as its backdrop, the video is a heart warming tribute to her beloved grandmother.

Ellis explained to The Huffington Post her decision to include the song:

“When you have a grandma named Dorothy from Kansas, it’s kind of an obvious choice.”

As for what her grandmother might think about her adventure being shared with millions of viewers online, Ellis expressed the following:

“She would have no idea what it means that people are watching her on Youtube. But she loved her town and she loved her home and she wanted to see her house from above I’d like to think that this is what she was thinking about when she finally went to sleep.”

Did the Ellis family’s fulfillment of 92-year-old grandmother Dorothy’s dying wish bring tears to your eyes?