Dying Mom’s Wish Fulfilled, School Holds Gradaution Ceremony For Son In Hospital Room [Video]

A dying mom got her wish when she was able to see her son graduate high school from her hospital bed. Eighteen-year-old Ben Linnabary fulfilled his mother’s wish, working with the local school district to hold a private graduation ceremony in his mother’s hospital room.

She died the next day. She was 52 years old.

Jennifer Linnabary suffered from a blood cancer called mantle cell lymphoma for four years. While last year she was able to see her daughter get married, her final wish was to see her son graduate high school. As the mother’s condition worsened, family members worked with the local school district to arrange a special ceremony for February 2 at University of Cincinnati Hospital. The video of the teen’s graduation was posted on YouTube.

Linnabary’s daughter, Becca Asimus, told ABC News that watching Ben graduate “was their mother’s final wish after she survived long enough to see Becca get married last summer.”

While Ben will participate in a graduation ceremony with his classmates in June, Colerain Township’s Colerain High School awarded the teen an early diploma; Barking Squirrel Media filmed the ceremony from the perceptive of the mother.

Asimus reported that Jennifer was unable to open her eyes, but could still experience her son’s special moment.

At the end of the video, Ben laughingly throws his hat in the air. He then turns to his mother and says through tears, “I graduated, Mom.”

Not even two months before cancer took her life, Jennifer blogged that she was experiencing Christmas every day. She “rejoiced in being alive,” according to a local news report. She reportedly told her friends and family that she had found peace.

“I do not like to say that my faith has grown as that sounds too much like a cliche, but something has changed in me,” Linnabary wrote on her blog. “I no longer search for God as I understand he never left.”

Linnabary helped start a program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center that trained developmentally disabled people to get jobs. She died Sunday at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. She was 52.

The Inquisitr has reported on other occasions where family members have honored the dying wishes of loved ones; even ones that seem strange.

Our hearts go out to the Linnabary family.

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