Man Etches A Picture Of Dead Wife’s Vagina On Tombstone, Per Her Request

Three years after his wife’s death, 75-year-old Milan Marinkovic, was still trying to satisfy a very personal dying request: to have a replica of her vagina carved into her tombstone.

Marinkovic’s wife Milena left very detailed instructions with her husband before she died. Photos and sketches of the body part in question were left behind, all Marinkovic had to do was find a stonemason willing to make the cut.

Milena’s reasoning behind the absurd request was simple: She didn’t watn her husband scoping out lady parts anywhere else. Milena merely wanted assurance that Marinkovic would never look at another woman.

In a letter to her husband, Milena wrote, “I don’t want you chasing other women. This way you will always remember me.”

While Marinkovic desired to honor his wife’s somewhat strange request, finding a stonemason to do the job was a bit tricky. Most professionals he approached insisted that to engrave a lady’s “down-there” on a tombstone was blasphemous. But Marinkovic pressed on.

Recently, he found an artist willing to accommodate his late wife. Using photos to ensure complete accuracy, a mason was able to engrave the likeness of Milen’as tombstone.

“Now it’s finished I love it and it’s a really good likeness,” Marinkovic reports. “And this way, a part of her will always be with me.”

A very important part of her, at that.

Marinkovic states that people come from near and far to check out his wife’s pleasure spot in the cemetery. Marinkovic notes, “People from funerals and anniversaries of deaths, come to see the headstone with my wife’s vagina.”

Not everyone realized what the carving is, of course. Marinkovic recalls his brother-in-law asking why the “bird on Milen’as grave had such a large beak.” Milena’s husband says he “couldn’t help but laugh.”

Although, I suppose that’s not an etching you’d want your brother-in-law to recognize on first glance.

Readers: What do you think of Milena’s dying wish?

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