Wendy Williams' Husband Doesn't Want Marriage To End, Per 'HL'

Television personality Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, have had a rocky 22-year-long marriage. While Williams admits she struggles with addiction, Hunter has allegedly been carrying on an affair for over a decade already, and it seems things are coming to a head for the couple.

On Monday, The Inquisitr reported that the couple are considering separating, citing Williams' health as one of the main reasons. But Hollywood Life is reporting that Hunter isn't quite ready to say goodbye to his wife.

Although Williams and Hunter share an 18-year-old son together, Hunter's alleged mistress is believed to have given birth to his baby in the past month as well. Despite his infidelity towards his wife over almost half their marriage, Hunter doesn't want to see the end of their union over it.

"Even though Kevin loves Wendy, and does not want the marriage to end, he has a funny way of showing that love," an unnamed former associate of Hunter's told Hollywood Life. "Relationships are complicated and Kevin and Wendy's probably more so than others. They have been married for a long time, have been working together for years, and have a son together too."

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The associate further explained that Hunter is a very private person when it comes to his emotions and his thoughts, sharing that he has not actually claimed his mistress' child as his own.

"He has not opened up to anyone about his alleged mistress or a baby, he may have had with this other woman. If he is afraid for things to finally end with Wendy, so he can move on with a new life with his new family, no one he knows would know it."
For her part, Williams appears to be struggling with the news, but it is unknown whether or not Hunter has confirmed to her that the child is his. When news broke that Hunter's mistress had given birth, Williams relapsed, and had to be admitted to hospital to be revived.

The television personality has been having a tough time of it since the beginning of the year already, having taken a lengthy break from The Wendy Williams Show to deal with her addiction.

A split for the couple would be infinitely more difficult than many divorces given that both Williams and Hunter are partners in the company that produces the show, and Hunter is currently Williams' manager as well. As such, separating or divorcing will not only affect their personal lives and assets, but also potentially both their jobs.