Columbine Survivor Penned Letter To President Obama About Gun Control

evan todd letter

Columbine survivor Evan Todd released his open letter to President Barack Obama about gun control. Todd goes into a detailed analysis of the proposed gun ban and weapons control proposals. The high school mass shooting survivor not only rejects but outright dismissed the effectiveness of the president’s gun control initiatives.

During a recent interview with The Blaze, the Columbine survivor shared his experience as a gun violence victim. Evan Todd noted that being shot during the 1999 school shooting played a significant role in developing his views on gun control.

In Todd’s letter to President Obama, he notes a fear that universal gun registration could be used quite easily for universal confiscation of firearms, according to the Washington Times. The Columbine survivor also stated a belief that an assault weapons ban would not be effective. The gun violence victim noted that such a ban did nothing to prevent the Columbine school shooting. The assault weapons ban was in effect from 1994 to 2004.

An excerpt from the Columbine survivor’s letter to President Obama reads:

“It was during this time that I personally witnessed two fellow students murder twelve of my classmates and one teacher. The assault weapons ban did not deter these two murderers, nor did he other thirty-something laws they broke. Why would you prefer criminals to have the ability to out-gun law-abiding citizens? Whose side are you on?”

Evan Todd also stated a belief that the president’s proposed gun control measures would infringe upon the rights of Americans. He also stated that banning high-capacity magazines and limiting the types of weapons that can be legally owned endangers citizens.

What do you think about the letter from the Columbine survivor to President Obama?

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