Maryland County Gun Show Ban Angers Second Amendment Supporters

Prince George’s County, MD – One Maryland county has banned all gun shows indefinitely. County officials opted to cancel legal gun shows while the federal government debates gun control measures. The Newtown massacre was noted when Prince George’s leaders announced the decision to ban gun shows.

Even though the single Maryland county has chosen to ban gun shows, the move realistically does nothing to prevent citizens from buying more guns and ammo. Adjacent counties that still allow gun shows offer a venue to browse guns within a reasonable drive.

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning comission spokeswoman Anita Pesses had this to say about the gun show ban during an interview with WTOP:

“We are taking everybody’s opinions and actions into account.”

Some media reports about gun shows are misleading. Licensed gun dealers require background checks for every purchase. A customer is subjected to an on-the-spot background check when buying a gun from a professional gun show vendor. Individual or private dealers are not required to conduct background checks under existing law. Such dealers are typically in the minority at gun shows. A Prince George’s County resident can still post a notice online or on a community bulletin board announcing a gun for sale.

The Silverado Gun Show was scheduled to take place over the past weekend, but was canceled due to the ban, The Blaze notes. Gun show organizer Frank Krasner had this to say about the last minute termination of the Silverado Gun Show:

“This is legal trade we’re talking about, not the black market. This not only took money out of my pocket, but close to 100 exhibitors.”

Unhappy Prince George’s County residents took to the Silverado Gun Show Facebook page to register their displeasure. Many called the gun show ban in Maryland “stupid” and “unfair.” A boycott of the Show Place Arena where the gun show was scheduled to take place has also been discussed.

Do you think the gun show ban in Maryland infringes on Second Amendment rights?

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