Pro-Trump Activist Candace Owens Says Hitler's Plan Was 'Initially OK' To A London Crowd

In a speaking engagement in London, which was bombed by Hitler during World War II, pro-Trump activist Candace Owens said that what the German leader did in his own country was all right, but he stepped out of bounds when he took his plans to a global level. Owens and her business partner, Charlie Kirk (best friend of Donald Trump Jr.), have taken their organization, Turning Point USA, on the road to the U.K. to spread their alt-right message.

BuzzFeed says that Owens and Kirk went to London to help launch Turning Point U.K. to free universities from the left, but in the process, they have left the right confused. At the first speaking engagement, Owens told the crowd that they were there to start a culture war that they think they can win.

An audience member asked Owens what she thought of nationalism in Western politics, and she turned to Hitler as an example, saying that she has no problem with nationalism, but when nationalists try to take their agenda globally, as Hitler did, that's when they run into trouble.

"He was a national socialist," Owens continued. "But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize."

The Daily Beast followed up with Turning Point USA to clarify Owens' thoughts on Hitler and nationalism and were referred to speak directly to her for clarification.

For the follow-up, Owens had changed her thinking on Hitler, calling him a "homicidal maniacal globalist." In an email, Owens finished her thoughts. "My final comment is that Hitler was the scum of the earth, as is the publication you write for."

After almost a year celebrating a mutual admiration society, now even Kanye West has put some distance between himself and Owens, who was serving as his advisor when he spoke about slavery being a choice and started donning a red "Make America Great Again" ballcap, says the Inquisitr.

It was soon after Kanye appeared on SNL as the musical guest, sparking an additional controversy, that he started distancing himself from Owens and her efforts to bond him with the president. Soon after the awkward musical appearance, the visit to the Oval Office, and the chat on TMZ, Kanye temporarily took down his Twitter account to take a break from social media and seemingly his association with Owens.