Kanye West Deletes Instagram & Twitter Accounts After Trump Rant

Kanye West has quit social media once again after a very visible week that was kicked off by his appearance on Saturday Night Live while wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat. As the show was coming to a close, Kanye went on a rant that all but cleared the stage of the cast and guest host, Adam Driver.

People Magazine is reporting that Kanye West deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts suddenly after a week that saw him under scrutiny not only for his support of Donald Trump, but also for his comments about slavery and doing away with the 13th Amendment.

Many of West’s comments did not make it onto television, but sources say that the rapper made many people on the stage uncomfortable.

“He made it uncomfortable for the cast and [host] Adam Driver by calling them back onstage and not saying why and then went off on them.”

The person close to production said that the show had been very indulgent with Kanye, supporting whatever he wanted to do for his music segments, but he seemed to take advantage.

“The show had been supportive of all of Kanye’s visions throughout the week, even giving him the opportunity for the third song during the goodnight [portion],’ and then he surprised everyone,”

West’s new album was supposed to drop on September 29, but he has revealed that he stopped taking his medication to treat his bipolar disorder and the work he needed to do to complete the album, Yandhi, didn’t happen.

“I didn’t finish it.”

West has again started talking about himself in the third person and has been out of sorts as the anniversary of his mother Donda’s death approached.

“It’s just a full Ye album. Those five albums that I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation. Now the alien Ye is fully back in mode, off of medication, working out, breaking as much fresh air as possible, thinking, doing, being himself.”

A source explained to People that the last time Kanye seemed to have trouble connecting to his day-to-day life was almost exactly a year ago, and he always struggles when his mother’s death weighs heavily on his mind.

“If you remember, it was a year ago that this happened … almost exactly a year ago. It happens every fall as we get close to the anniversary of his mom’s death.”

Perhaps Kanye West deleted his social media accounts because he was surprised by the negative reaction to his unexpected behavior. When people questioned West earlier in the week about his odd statements, he kept saying he would not be bullied. West had thought that SNL went well and he was telling people that he would be back this season to host, despite the fact that he left the cast and Lorne Michaels shocked.