Chris Christie Gambling Decision: No To Online Gaming, Just For Now

A closely-watched decision from Gov. Chris Christie regarding gambling on the internet and state gaming laws has been announced, but the New Jersey lawmaker has also notably softened his stance on the regulatory measures and future motions in the same vein are likely to pass later this year — with first bets occurring as early as September.

Christie‘s gambling veto was relatively well received, as it was also disclosed that Christie would allow Jersey to join Nevada and Delaware in allowing the activity in some form. Changes to the I-Gaming bill are in the works, and are expected to be worked upon as 2013 marches forward.

Of the decision, Christie’s gambling stance was revealed to have relaxed, and the governor indicated in a statement this afternoon that he’d like New Jersey to be “one of the first states to permit Internet gaming, but only with the right limitations.”

Christie’s gambling veto statement explained that the addictive nature of the activity was a consideration in determining which way to go, and he said:

“Our state cannot carelessly create a new generation of addicted gamers, sitting in their homes, using laptops or iPads, gambling their salaries and their futures … Such a significant step must be carefully considered, balancing the benefits of job creation, economic development, and the continued revitalization of Atlantic City against the risks of addiction, corruption and improper influence.”

Christie’s gambling decision continued:

“It is my duty as governor to make these determinations, always mindful of my duty to guarantee the continued welfare of our families, our neighbors, and the future generations.”

Gambling Addiction Drug In The Works

Supporters of the I-Gaming bill indicated optimism despite Christie’s gambling bill veto today, predicting increased gaming revenues statewide.