Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Show Off Felicity On Facebook Live, Promotes Mom’s Swan 4 Kids Program


Duggar fans were treated to a pleasant surprise when Jinger Duggar, husband Jeremy Vuolo, and their baby girl Felicity appeared on Facebook Live on Monday. It took place right before the airing of TLC’s Counting On. They also had a special guest sitting beside them. Jeremy’s mom, Diana Vuolo, heads up the amazing program called Swan 4 Kids and they sat down to talk about it firsthand.

The whole Vuolo family paid a visit to Jinger and Jeremy in Laredo, Texas, to spend some quality time with them and 2-month-old Felicity. Before they took to the chat on Jeremy’s Facebook page, there were family photos posted on Instagram. Lissy, as their daughter is nicknamed, enjoyed some bonding time with Grandpa Vuolo. He was also the one who stepped in to help Jinger out when his granddaughter became a bit fussy during the live chat. Fortunately, fans did get to see a few minutes of her adorable face before she was taken away to her grandpa.

Jinger stayed on for a few extra minutes before she had to excuse herself to care for her daughter. However, she did have time to share her experiences with a few of the kids that she has come into contact with that have been in the music program. One girl was featured in a previous episode of Counting On when she displayed what she learned from her time with Swan 4 Kids. Jinger Duggar had accompanied her on the piano as the young girl sang her heart out.

As explained by Jeremy in the chat, Swan 4 Kids is a mentoring program that helps kids with incarcerated parents learn to cope with their situation through music. His mother also said that they have other resources for them as well. The former soccer player said that this was an opportunity for them to be able to get the word out on this special program to help the kids that need it.

They mentioned ways for people to get involved as well. Swan 4 Kids is a non-profit organization, so donations are always a big help. Mrs. Vuolo also said that you can sign up for their newsletter or like their Facebook page to keep up to date on how these kids are doing.

In addition, there is a Swan 4 Kids gala coming up on November 15 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the kids show off their talents learned through the program. It is also a chance to meet Jinger and Jeremy, along with Felicity. According to their website, all proceeds from the event will go toward the music program.

The Facebook live chat was not only a great way to promote this amazing organization, but it was also a fun time for Duggar fans to see the Vuolo family together outside of reality TV.