Kim Richards From ‘RHOBH’ Ordered To Pay $266,000 To Woman Who Says The Housewife’s Pit Bull Bit Her

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Kim Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills owes some money to a woman who claims that the housewife’s pit bull, Kingsley, bit her. The victim, Kelly Crossley, filed a lawsuit in 2015. However, because Richards failed to respond, the judge ordered the fine as a default judgment, tacking on $865 for legal fees, according to Radar Online. This came after Richards failed to appear in court or to respond to the legal filing.

Crossley was suing for medical costs, loss of income associated with the attack, and “damages for [her] pain.” The injuries were described to be “grave” with scars being the proof. The pain was not just physical, but also mental.

This incident shouldn’t have been surprising for Richards, considering the same dog has attacked other people before. From former assistant Paige Sanderson, a trainer, an 80-year-old woman, and Kyle’s daughter, the list of victims is long.

The incident with Sanderson reportedly started when she ran into the bathroom to avoid the dog out of fear. Kim coaxed Sanderson out of the bathroom, telling her not to worry, but the dog attacked, reported the Daily Mail. Kingsley “lunged at her, bit and held on to her lower abdomen and crotch, tearing off her leggings and underwear and ripping out portions of flesh.”

Worst of all, Kim told Sanderson to lie and say that a stray dog was the cause of her injuries. She refused to call 911 unless Sanderson agreed to go along with the lie.

Sanderson eventually sought compensation through a lawsuit for “emotional distress, cosmetic surgery, and medical bills,” detailed People.

The attack on Sanderson also increased tensions between Kyle and Kim. In fact, Kyle publicly blamed Kim completely for the pit bull’s behavior, according to the Blast. She said that she had no idea that Kingsley was living at the condo where the attack took place. Kyle even said that she believed the pit bull had been given away in November 2014 after the dog attacked her daughter.

It’s unknown why Kim has continued to allow her pit bull to harm people. In the meantime, she’ll be joining the cast of Season 11 of Marriage Boot Camp. The trailer revealed Dr. Ish Major saying to Kim, “You’re in a relationship with two men.” To that, the housewife merely replied, “I know,” detailed Reality Blurb.

Other stars that will be on the show include The Bachelorette stars Desiree and Chris along with Aubrey O’Day and Chris Siegfried.