Halle Berry And Keanu Reeves Are Secretly Dating, Romance Sparked On Set Of New Movie, 'Life & Style' Reports

Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves are secretly dating after sparking a romance on the set of their new movie, a new report claims.

The pair are starring together on the latest installation of the John Wick series, and the movie has reportedly brought them even closer together. An insider told Life & Style Magazine that the two quietly started seeing each other before the movie started filming, and the romance bloomed on the set.

"As soon as they started getting to know each other, they realized there was something there that was stronger than friendship," the unnamed source told the celebrity news outlet.

The source went on to say that Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry are a perfect fit.

"Keanu is totally Halle's type," the source said. "She likes that he's very mysterious, introspective, and down to earth. He's not about the whole Hollywood spotlight thing. She finds that very attractive."

Halle Berry's past relationship was also in the news this week. The Superior Court of Los Angeles sent notice to Halle and ex-husband Olivier Martinez that they must submit a final judgment on their divorce or else the case would be dismissed and they would have to go before a judge next month.

The court documents, obtained by Radar Online, would bring an end to a divorce that has been in the works for nearly three years. Halle initially filed for divorce on October 26, 2015, but the proceedings have stretched out as the two worked out an agreement. The couple would not have to appear in court if they can come up with a divorce settlement on their own, the report noted, but they could end up facing a fine if they don't answer the court or appear on June 27. It was unclear how the former couple, who have a child together, planned to proceed.

There is some doubt to the veracity of the report of the new romance on the set of John Wick 3. The rumor-busting site Gossip Cop claimed that there is no truth to the story that Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry are dating, implying that the site may have invented the rumor. The site contacted a source close to Berry who confirmed that there is no romance between the two, and said the timing wouldn't have allowed it anyway. The source added that Halle had only been on the set of the movie for one day, so they didn't have time to spark the romance that Life & Style had claimed.