Sandy Hook Truther Alex Jones Is Now Begging Florida School Shooting Victim To Help Get His YouTube Reinstated

Alex Jones gained national prominence by pushing the theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was fake that the victims were just paid actors, but now the tables have turned on the Infowars host, and he is begging a victim of the Florida school shooting to help get his YouTube page reinstated.

The video-hosting site came down hard against Alex Jones and his Infowars site in the wake of this month’s deadly shooting in Florida. Jones posted a number of videos insinuating that the student victims were “crisis actors,” a charge that the shooting was orchestrated and that they were being used to push for stricter gun control. YouTube took action against the videos, the Hill reported, and has given Infowars two quick “strikes” for the videos.

As Gizmodo noted, Infowars will be unable to add any new videos for the next two weeks. A third strike in the next three months and Infowars would lose its YouTube page forever.

So Alex Jones made an unlikely plea to help get the page back up, turning to survivor-turned-activist David Hogg, who had been the subject of “crisis actor” claims from Infowars just days before. Jones reached out to Hogg on Twitter, begging the school shooting survivor to intervene on his behalf to get the Infowars YouTube page reinstated.

Many noted the irony of Jones’ plea to David Hogg given his history. Jones was one of the most prominent proponents of a theory that the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut never really happened, and that all of the supposed victims were really actors.

Many of Jones’ listeners latched onto the theory and took it even further, with some harassing the family members of children who were killed. In 2016, a Sandy Hook truther named Lucy Richards was arrested for threatening to kill the father of a young boy murdered in the school.

The future of Alex Jones and Infowars is still in question. The conspiracy theorist site’s YouTube page will remain out of commission for the next two weeks, but if there is another checkmark from YouTube, it will be killed entirely. It does not seem as if Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg is in any rush to help Jones, either.