Melania Trump Says On Twitter, Instagram She’s Had ‘Productive Week With Meetings, Meetings & More Meetings!’

First Lady Melania Trump hasn’t been seen in public since January 1, as reported by the Inquisitr, with one of her recent updates representing a reposted image of herself from October 2017. Melania has been keeping the public updated via her social media accounts. As seen in the below Twitter post, which was published to the official FLOTUS account on Friday, January 12, at 1:27 p.m., Melania has reportedly been having a productive week. Melania wrote about “meetings, meetings & more meetings!” It was a repetitive and exclamatory writing style reminiscent of that of President Donald Trump.

Melania claimed that even though there was plenty of work that needed to take place in 2018, she was up to the challenge and wrote that she was keeping a positive viewpoint of the “year ahead as FLOTUS!” She ended her tweet with another exclamation point. After not being seen much in nearly two weeks, Melania’s tweet comes in the wake of plenty of controversy over the Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House book, as well as backlash over President Trump’s most recent “s***hole countries” brouhaha.

According to Mike Huckabee, Melania should put soap in her husband’s mouth for such a statement, as reported by Fox News Insider.

The “productive week” Melania referenced included hiring a new policy director in the midst of all the controversy over Michael Wolff’s book, as reported by the New York Times.

Meanwhile, Melania is getting scrutiny in the public and on social media platforms, with folks asking more questions about Melania’s platform. Whereas some of Melania’s supporters are commenting that they, too, are looking forward to seven more years as the first lady, others are writing that they don’t believe Melania enjoys her position in the White House.

A view of the comments that Melania is getting in the wake of her latest social media post proves people are calling Melania’s husband “a filthy racist” even whilst wishing Melania a nice weekend. Others are joking that they are still looking forward to Melania’s “tremendous anti-bullying” campaign as her husband faces outright questions about allegedly being a racist, as April Ryan shouted to President Trump in the following Associated Press video from Friday.