Where Is Melania Trump? Twitter Worries About FLOTUS’ Whereabouts Amid ‘Fire And Fury’ Controversy

First Lady Melania Trump is featured in the hot-selling book titled Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, as reported by the Inquisitr. Questions about how much time Melania and President Donald Trump actually spend together have arisen in the wake of author Michael Wolff claiming that Melania and Donald sleep in separate bedrooms, with claims that Melania was in tears on Election Night, much to the protests of Melania’s spokesperson. As a result, people are turning to Twitter to try and find out Melania’s latest whereabouts, after watching President Trump welcome Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg to the White House without Melania on Wednesday, January 10.

As of this writing, the most recent time that Melania was photographed by outlets like the Associated Press and Getty Images were when President Trump and Melania arrived back at the White House with their son, Barron Trump, in the wake of their Christmas and New Year’s vacation at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

The official Twitter account of FLOTUS did update the public on Tuesday, January 9, with the below photo showing Melania standing among the Michigan Department of State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and the fire and police departments of West Bloomfield, Michigan. However, lest Melania’s Twitter followers mistake it for a new photo, it was a repeat of a Twitter tweet from Melania’s post from October 23, 2017, as seen below.

Melania’s Director of Communications, Stephanie Grisham, retweeted the same photo on Tuesday, which celebrated law enforcement.

On Twitter, the question “Where’s Melania?” is being asked by the average social media user on a somewhat regular basis. Some of those folks are asking the literal location of Melania, while others are asking it in response to quips about Melania’s forthcoming cyber-bullying campaign. Yet and still, others are asking about Melania in relation to being present to help calm down her husband.

In the absence of more recent photos of Melania, articles about Melania’s age are being published, as reported by the Express. Donald and Melania’s age gap is being discussed as folks wait for Melania to appear in public once more.

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