Trump’s Twitter – No Apology, Denies ‘S***hole Countries’ Words For Haiti, Africa – U.N. Calls Trump A Racist

President Donald Trump has come under fire for allegedly asking in a meeting on immigration why the U.S. would take foreigners from “s***hole countries” like Haiti and those in Africa, according to the Associated Press. Instead, Trump asked those within earshot why the U.S. wasn’t taking immigrants from countries like Norway. As a result of the backlash, Trump has turned to Twitter – not to apologize, but to claim that he didn’t make the “s***hole countries” remark, even if he does admit to using “tough” language in the meeting.

According to the Independent, Trump published the below tweet on Friday, January 12, denying that he called Haiti and countries in Africa “s***hole countries,” all the while calling his DACA meeting language “tough.” Trump went on to call what was proposed in the meeting “outlandish” and “a big setback for DACA!”

However, the Associated Press reports that Trump’s sentiment about Norway was off-putting, wrapped in the context of complimenting Norwegians by slamming Haitians and Africans with his “s***hole countries” comment. Folks in Norway may have been more accepting of Trump’s comments without guaranteeing a negative reaction from around the world. Trump was calling for an immigration system based on merit. However, Trump’s comments have earned him a heated reaction from around the globe, with the cover of one magazine placing blonde hair atop a poop emoji and dubbing Trump “S*** for Brains.”

As seen in the below tweet, the New York Daily News has gained plenty of attention for their striking cover.

As reported by Fox & FriendsBrian Kilmeade, Trump was in error when he spoke of “s***hole countries” and should issue a mea culpa by “walking back” his comments. By 7:28 a.m., Trump issued the following tweet claiming that he didn’t use that language. However, Trump’s detractors claim that whether or not Trump used the “s***hole countries” comments or not, Trump is displaying a level of racism that has increased since dubbing Mexicans as “rapists” and calling white nationalists “very fine people on both sides” of the rally in Charlottesville.

“Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”

Trump has been deemed a racist by the United Nations, as reported by the Daily Mail. With Trump using the “s***holes” language to describe immigrants coming from countries with populations that contain largely people of color, such as Haiti and those in Africa, while praising countries like Norway, Trump’s sentiments have been branded as those coming from a “racist.”

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