'Star Wars' Episode 8' Spoilers: New Leaked Material Confirms A Big Twist

International promotional posters for Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi may have confirmed a major twist for the highly-anticipated film.

Fans would not forget the shocker in the full Star Wars trailer that implied Rey (Daisy Ridley) could end up teaming up with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in her desire to understand what is going on inside her.

However, many believe that this was just strategic editing that was purposely made to misdirect fans, but new promotional Star Wars material from South Korea suggests that it may be the real deal.

In images and a translation provided by the Star Wars-oriented Tumblr page Rreeyylloo, it is teased that Star Wars: Episode 8 will be all about the "collision of good and evil, light and darkness" and the "new destiny against the destiny of the past."

The posters mention that Leia (Carrie Fisher) sends Rey to Luke (Mark Hamill), who was described as the "only surviving Jedi" and "hero of the past," in order to find a way to "light the spark of victory" in the fight against the First Order.

Then the Star Wars: Episode 8 description revealed the following information.

"Through Luke, Rey finds a special power sleeping within her and unexpectedly communes with Kylo Ren, authority of the First Order…"
While it goes without saying that Rey and Kylo Ren's destinies are somewhat intertwined, the description hints that the scavenger from Jakku not only feels a connection with her foe or ends up communicating with him, but actually also identifies with him in Star Wars: Episode 8.

A still from 'Star Wars: Episode 8'
Rey and Luke in 'Star Wars: Episode 8-The Last Jedi.' [Image by Disney and Lucasfilm]

This is not unlikely since the two are going through the same journey in The Last Jedi, just on completely different destinations. Kylo Ren wants to be the new Darth Vader while Rey wants to help the Resistance by understanding what she can do.

The trailers also tease that the film is about the two choosing their destiny, which is why it is interesting to know that the leaked Star Wars: Episode 8 poster also poses a question that implies Rey or Kylo Ren could switch sides or at least their fates are not what everyone thought they'd be.

"Who will become Light and who will become Darkness? The great battle over the destiny of Good and Evil begins!"
After Star Wars: Episode 7—The Force Awakens, many fans were convinced that the paths of these two are set, and Kylo Ren becomes the next Sith while Rey develops into a Jedi. However, it might not be that straightforward. After all, while the two seem to have the idea of what they believe they should be, what they will truly become is another story.

Promotional materials released for Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi hint that Rey will meet Supreme Leader Snoke, who ends up torturing her, as he convinces her to fulfill her destiny. In a still from the movie provided by Entertainment Weekly, Rey can be seen aboard the ancient Sith's ship with Kylo Ren in the background.

This suggests that he successfully brings her to him in Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi. Whether Rey comes with him willingly or not remains a mystery at the moment. Although with Luke's hesitation to train her on top of her growing frustration, it would not be difficult for her to turn to someone who is willing to help, making her vulnerable to Snoke's manipulations.

It is speculated that Kylo Ren could turn against his master in Star Wars: Episode 8 and that it is Rey who ends up falling to the dark side. There are others who believe that the two will go from enemies to allies after the former attempts to make things right upon realizing that Snoke is only using him for whatever he has planned.

Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi hits the theaters December 15.

[Featured Image by Disney and Lucasfilm]