‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Get Ready For ‘PNW Winter,’ Spark Rumors Of Another Move

Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff took to social media recently to share a photo of Audrey and Ember standing in front of a cabin, along with the message that they are “getting ready for this PNW winter.” Unknown is where the photo was taken, and Jeremy’s followers immediately began to think the couple had made another move. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff just became first-time homeowners only six months ago in a move that put them closer to Roloff Farms and extended family in Portland, Oregon.

Jeremy Roloff, 27, shared the photo of Audrey, 26, holding baby Ember on the porch of a cabin in an unspecified location just two days ago across his social media accounts. On both his personal Facebook page and his personal Instagram page, Jeremy Roloff posted the photo on Monday afternoon, leaving Little People, Big World fans to comment “who’s cabin that was.” The caption that Jeremy included was short and simply said that they were getting ready for winter in the Pacific Northwest. The photo shows Audrey and Ember wrapped in a blanket and standing in front of the doorway of the cabin.

A comment on Facebook asked if the Little People, Big World newlywed couple had bought yet another “new house,” while a comment on Instagram asked where “this sweet little cabin” is. Jeremy Roloff hardly ever comments back to his social media followers to answer questions, so fans are left wondering “what cabin” they are at. One of Jeremy’s Facebook followers shared that she has “pictures in front of that cabin when the previous owners had it,” adding that she “loves” that Jeremy and Audrey took photos there.

That comment just deepened the mystery of whether Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are the new owners of the cabin, sparking rumors that they moved out of their recently-purchased $465,000 two-story home in the “family friendly” Rock Creek area of Portland, as previously noted by the Daily Mail. However, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are known for staying in cabins during the holiday season, and Audrey shared on her personal blog called Auj Poj back in December of 2015 that they had “spent the weekend away” in a cabin just two hours outside of Los Angeles, California. So, it’s completely plausible that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff simply rented a cabin near the Portland, Oregon, area for another “weekend away.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff also had first-year wedding anniversary photos taken in front of the same cabin, which Audrey Roloff shared on her Auj Poj blog in October of 2015 with Roloff Farms listed as the location of the photoshoot.

The 2017 winter season will be baby Ember’s first winter in Oregon, as pointed out by a comment on Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram post from Monday that says, “Baby’s first winter.”

Ember Jean Roloff turned 2-months-old almost two weeks ago, and first-time mom Audrey Roloff struggled postpartum, according to an article published on SheKnows two weeks after Audrey gave birth. However, Jeremy Roloff’s photo on Monday shows Audrey Roloff smiling and cuddling baby Ember, leaving Little People, Big World fans to say that “it’s so nice to see Audrey smiling and feeling better with Ember.”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]