‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 118 Official Spoilers Suggest A Tight Battle Between Universe 6 and 7

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 official spoilers are finally revealed. Once again, fans are about to engulf with a new focus battle of Gohan and Piccolo. Will the Universe 7’s tag team win against the remaining warriors of Universe 6? Without further ado, here are the major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 entitled “Accelerating Tragedy: A Universe Vanishes!”

As stated earlier, Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 will be focusing on the battle of Gohan and Piccolo versus Saonel and Pirina which are the last remaining warriors for Universe 6. The spoilers suggest that Piccolo will think of another method of attack against Universe 6. Therefore, we can forecast that Saonel and Pirina will not be an easy opponent for two formidable warriors.

Knowing that Saonel and Pirina are the last two warriors for Universe 6, the two will undoubtedly perform at their 100 percent level. As shown in the previous episodes, the two warriors are Namekians, and they possess the ability to regenerate. Moreover, the two Namekians seems to be a dirty fighter, and have been battling as a duo, making them a step ahead against Gohan and Piccolo.

Although there are no official statements about the battle between the Namekians and the teacher and student alliance, it is expected that it will be another exciting match-up to witness in Dragon Ball Super Episode 118.

On the other hand, Freeza takes advantage of the paralyzed Zarbuto and company. As the spoilers suggest, Freeza gets robbed of his pleasure of eliminating Zarbuto when Goku’s energy knocked them out of bounds. Well, that is a very straightforward explanation as to how Freeza felt infuriated, but this indicates that Goku is back in action after the exhausting battle with Kefla.

The Dragon Ball Fandom speculates that Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 will reveal another eliminated Universe in the Tournament of Power. Furthermore, looking at the chart of every eliminated warrior, it appears that Universe 6 and Universe 2 are on the verge of getting erased.

If Gohan and Piccolo win over Saonel and Pirina, it is guaranteed that Universe 6 will be erased. But, taking into consideration that Universe 2 is also losing members, it is safe to say that there is a slight chance Universe 2 will get eliminated too. What Universe do you think will be erased in Dragon Ball Super Episode 118?

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