November 18, 2017
'Grand Theft Auto 6' Release Date: Fans Still Hope For A Female Protagonist, 'GTA 6' Might Launch In 2020

Grand Theft Auto 6 updates and announcements are quite limited, so fans are left to wonder what's in store for them. While waiting for official details of GTA 6, gamers are sharing their thoughts as to what they would want to see from the franchise's sixth installment.

After last year's demands of adding a female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6, the idea blew up and never died down. Hardcore fans have been noting that this could be the fresh concept that they have been waiting for.

"I would love nothing more than a female protagonist in GTA 6," one fan wrote. "She will be a King among men. I just want something new and GTA to take a new direction."

Another fan said that the female character should be a tough woman who grew up in a bad neighborhood. However, he added that there should be no children since Grand Theft Auto 6 is nothing like The Sims (a life simulation game series).

Although a female lead would be interesting, Rockstar Games has not confirmed any speculations regarding this matter.

Other gamers also hope that GTA 6 will have a Tokyo map. Normally, the Grand Theft Auto franchise sticks to their known territory, which is a fictional county in the United States. But Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to expand its location and that may mean that a Tokyo map wouldn't seem so far-fetched.

Grand Theft Auto is arguably one of the most popular series ever made and its popularity is the main reason why fans have been waiting patiently for GTA 6, despite the mystery of its release date.

It has been previously reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 is believed to officially release in 2018. However, this GTA 6 release date rumor was based on the fact that GTA usually has a five-year gap between games and not an actual report from the developer. Since Grand Theft Auto V debuted back in 2013, there is a big possibility that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be launched in 2018.

But even with the 2018 GTA 6 release date news, multiple reports also suggest that the installment could be released in 2020, especially since another popular title, Red Dead Redemption 2, was already confirmed to be released next year.