Major WWE Superstar Has Significant Backstage Heat With WWE Officials

Over the last few weeks, the WWE locker room has been a hectic environment. Neville “walked out” on the company. Nia Jax is on an extended leave of absence. Kevin Owens missed some time. Most importantly, a viral illness has taken some WWE Superstars off the road, including Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. It has been a rough month for the locker room, but Wyatt could be the one with the biggest issues going forward.

The Eater of Worlds missed WWE TLC on Sunday. However, the truth is that he was not featured on WWE television for weeks leading up to the PPV. Wyatt filmed some “Sister Abigail” segments that aired on Raw, but he has not appeared on WWE television for some time. The mysterious illness is believed to be mumps, which is expected to keep the former WWE Champion out of action through at least WWE Survivor Series.

The rumors would have you believe that it was the illness that kept Wyatt off WWE television, but it’s being reported that WWE officials were punishing him. There is said to be a ton of backstage heat on Wyatt at the moment because of the way his messy divorce with Samantha Rotunda has impacted Bray’s on-screen persona and how it has created some backlash against WWE for refusing to cooperate with her attorneys.

Bray Wyatt Has Some Major Heat With WWE Officials

Apparently, WWE officials failed to give the proper documentation to Rotunda’s attorneys when they asked for an income verification form. That has led to Rotunda’s legal team taking action against the company. A few sources are claiming that Wyatt suffering from an illness is true, but it came at a time when the powers that be wanted to punish him for bringing legal issues against the company as a result of his personal life.

It’s being reported that WWE officials could be canceling the feud between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt for a rematch between Balor and AJ Styles heading into WWE Survivor Series. On paper, the expectation is that Wyatt will not be healthy enough to compete until after that PPV, so it’s not the worst timing for him to get sick. Backstage heat comes and goes, but it’s going to be interesting to see how Bray Wyatt is booked when he does return to WWE television over the coming weeks.

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