WWE Officials Are Forcing Roman Reigns To Take Significant Time Away From WWE

Before WWE TLC, Roman Reigns was reunited with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to reform The Shield, but a viral illness going around the WWE locker room forced him to miss the PPV and has put the reunion of The Shield on hold indefinitely. Earlier this week, an update revealed that WWE officials were planning to reevaluate Roman’s condition next Monday and make a decision about his return to television afterward.

Unfortunately, it’s now coming to light that Roman Reigns will be missing some significant time as a result of the mumps. It has been reported that Roman is being penciled in for his return to Raw just before WWE Survivor Series. There’s no doubt he would provide a big boost to Team Raw heading into the PPV, but it’s being said that WWE officials may keep him off the card and his return will be delayed until after the PPV.

Ultimately, the powers that be are the ones who will make the decision. However, the belief is that Roman will return to the ring as soon as he’s healthy enough to compete, which means WWE officials are unlikely to force him to miss any more time than is necessary. It’s unclear if Roman Reigns will rejoin Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose upon his return, but the expectation is The Shield will reunite and continue their run.

Roman Reigns WWE Return Delayed Significantly
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An ulterior motive for reuniting The Shield was to improve the rapport between Roman Reigns and WWE fans before WrestleMania season begins. He’s still expected to defeat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 next year. WWE officials were hopeful that some time with The Shield would earn him some favor, but that will not happen if the powers that be fully cancel his run with the trio.

Ultimately, the WWE Universe has promised a run for “The Hounds of Justice.” Roman’s illness has forced many creative plans to change, but the fans will likely only harden to Reigns once he returns if The Shield’s run is canceled because of his hiatus. Whenever he returns to WWE television, the important thing will be to give the WWE Universe what they want because the fans could make things difficult at WrestleMania.

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