‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus As Daryl Dixon Is Out For Revenge In Episode 100 Titled ‘Mercy’ [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead‘s Season 8 premiere is titled ” Mercy,” but mercy is the last thing Daryl Dixon has on his mind, says Norman Reedus. All out war is on, and Daryl and Rick are leading the battle against Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Negan’s followers, the Saviors.

Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly Daryl Dixon definitely doesn’t have mercy on his mind lately, even if “Mercy” is the title of The Walking Dead’s Season 8 premiere.

“He’s just got revenge on his mind this year. He’s ready to kill everybody, no matter what the group says, no matter what anybody says. He’s just like, ‘Nah, screw it. Everybody dies.’ He’s very focused on revenge.”

The Walking Dead premiere will be the beginning of “all-out war,” and Norman Reedus was quick to tell Deadline that this was “Rick’s story.” Andrew Lincoln portrays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln is officially the star of The Walking Dead, but Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon is often described as the fan favorite.

“It’s a lot of Rick’s story, so we’re following Rick’s plan, and we’re seeing it through Rick’s eyes.”

Norman Reedus is throwing the attention back on Andrew Lincoln, for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8. Norman Reedus is just glad that the show is back on track after Season 7, which neither the audience nor the stars enjoyed as much as the past seasons.

Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly The Walking Dead was completely back. The Walking Dead Season 8 is full of action and fighting back again.

“Last year was so rough. It didn’t feel like our show and I know it is our show, and you’ve got to do stuff like that, but last year felt so disconnected. Everyone was so disconnected in the core group. So it feels like it used to feel again which is really exciting.”

Season 8 Slight Spoilers Below

Norman Reedus told Deadline Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes is the man with the plan in The Walking Dead Season 8, while Daryl Dixon, is just out for blood. Norman Reedus says his character is going rogue a few times in Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

“Everybody has their job in the plan, and it’s a very thought-out, well-conceived plan. But yeah, Daryl’s just out for revenge at this point. He’s tired of playing around. He’s tired of waiting, and there are several moments this whole season where Daryl pretty much goes rogue.”

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon riding his custom motorcycle
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead rides custom bike [Image Gene Page/AMC]

As Norman Reedus promised Deadline, the action is all back, in The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus will be riding his motorcycle and shooting a crossbow again, as Daryl Dixon. The Zombie hordes are back too, and the plan is to use the zombies to hit Negan and the Saviors. It’s a smart plan and so Daryl Dixon is going along with Rick for now.

Later in The Walking Dead Season 8 though, Norman Reedus says Daryl Dixon will be thinking for himself and he’s going to be ruthless against Negan, even if it means defying Rick.

“He wants to do something faster and quicker, which might not be the smartest thing to do, but he’s just fed up. He’s ready for revenge.”

Norman Reedus says Daryl Dixon hasn’t totally lost his mind though. Even though The Walking Dead Season 7 saw Norman Reedus portraying Daryl Dixon as a tortured and abused, Dixon has a lot more grit than to let Negan’s abuse make him become irrational. Norman Reedus says Daryl is more calculating and smarter than he’s ever been.

“He’s back to being himself now, and I think he’s smarter now too. You know, he started off as such a hot head, and he would just blow up at anything. Now he’s kind of still quiet at times.”

Norman Reedus compares all-out war with Negan in The Walking Dead, to a chess game, and Daryl Dixon is playing close attention to the board.

“He looks at all the chess pieces on the board now instead of saying “I have the queen, I’m just going to plow through everyone.” He really looks to see what pieces you got and [what] he has and what he can do with them. He’s more studied now and he’s become wiser.”

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
Norman Reedus as Daryl DixonFrank Ockenfels 3 AMC

Season 8 Episode 1 “Mercy” Spoilers Below

Norman Reedus says The Walking Dead is back with a vengeance, and The Walking Dead fans get a good taste of revenge, as they see Negan cowering as Daryl Dixon leads The Walking Dead Zombie hordes into Negan’s sanctuary, with his motorcycle in the premiere.

Gregory, the former leader of Hilltop, gets pushed down a flight of stairs at Negan’s Sanctuary and then runs for his life in the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8, leaving Father Gabriel without transportation as the Zombie Hordes approach.


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The Walking Dead has a significant time jump in the last sequence of “Mercy,” revealed Variety. Judith, was just a tot in a crib last season but appears to be five or six years old in the last scene. Alexandria has also apparently grown and flourished in those rapidly passing years.

Does that mean Maggie’s baby will be two or three years old by Episode 2 of this season? What else may have transpired in those three years is left to the imagination, but all out war has begun on The Walking Dead, and no one could be happier than Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly that The Walking Dead is now the same show fans fell in love with in the early seasons.

“Season 8 feels like our old show again. The people I like working with the most are the ones I’m working with again. The gang’s back together. The fight’s back in it.”

The Walking Dead with Norman Reedus will have more zombies, more action, and plenty of Daryl Dixon’s tougher than ever attitude in Season 8.

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