Marseille, France Knife Attacker Reportedly Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar!’ Before Killings

Passengers cross the street by a police car blocking the access to Marseille 's main train station Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 in Marseille, southern France. French police have warned people to avoid Marseille's main train station following a knife attack that made at least one dead

Europe saw another possible terrorism-related attack today, this time in the Marseille, France train station. Reportedly, before the attacker stabbed two women, he yelled “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great.”

Gerard Collomb, France’s Interior Minister spoke to the press at St. Charles Station and said that he cannot yet confirm if the attacks were of a “terrorist nature.” He says that there is an ongoing investigation to gather facts. Collomb says that several of the witnesses say that the Marseille, France attacker said “Allahu akbar” before the stabbings took place.

The attacker was shot by French soldiers outside the Marseille, France train station, St. Charles Station, located in the French port city. According to witnesses, the French soldiers opened fire when the attacker rushed them as they were responding to the attacks and attempted to help the two female victims.

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a statement on Twitter about the Marseille, France attacks.

“Deeply outraged by this barbaric act, in pain with the families and relatives of the victims of Marseille. I salute the military Sentinel and the police officers who responded with cold blood and efficiency [translated from French].”

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also spoke out about the attacks at the Marseille, France train station, saluting the “courage and professionalism of the soldiers who have neutralized the criminal and stopped his murderous madness.”

Hours after the attacks at the Marseille, France train station, Amaq, ISIS’ media wing called the attacker a “soldier of the Islamic State.” Amaq issued an additional statement, translated from Arabic that said that the Marseille attacker “implemented the operation as an answer to the call of targeting the coalition countries.”

Just last month, the St. Charles Train Station in Marseille, France was the site of an attack on four Americans who were studying abroad by a woman who is being called mentally unstable. The woman attacked the students from Boston College with acid. All four students were treated and released from a local Marseille, France hospital. The woman was arrested and hospitalized, and police have ruled that incident as a non-terror related attack.


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While the investigation into the stabbings in Marseille, France is still underway, authorities are urging people to avoid the St. Charles train station. On Twitter, Gerard Collomb released a statement saying that he will travel to Marseille, France immediately. He also expressed pride at the reaction of soldiers, police, and firefighters in the Marseille, France train station attack.

Do you think the stabbing attacks at the Marseille, France train station are terrorism related?

[Featured Image by Claude Paris/AP Images]