Alex Jones ‘Infowars’ Granted Press Credentials By Trump, Blames Manchester Victims For Bombing

It has been announced that Alex Jones, head of the network for Infowars now has White House press credentials, legitimizing the network that has largely come to prominence with alternative theories and conspiracies. And oddly enough, Jones has been sharing his thoughts on the bombing, blaming the Ariana Grande concert-goers for the blast that killed more than two dozen innocent people when a suicide bomber sported a nail bomb in a backpack. The suicide bomber, who was born in the U.K. blew himself up in the process, sending schrapnel flying into innocent victims, many of them around the age of twelve. Jones claims that the same people who attended the concert were also those who allow borders to be open to immigrants.

But Alex Jones won’t be in the White House for press briefings himself, so he has tapped Jerome Corsi to attend the press conferences on his behalf. And for now, conducting these briefings is still embattled press secretary Sean Spicer, who is still rumored to be on the chopping block with Kimberly Guilfoyle still claiming that she has interviewed for his position. Spicer was already the butt of jokes when he was one of the last to know about the firing of James Comey and was briefly replaced at the press helm by Sara Huckabee, leading some to believe that the last nail in Spicer’s coffin had been struck. But while Spicer did not join President Trump and family to the Vatican, he was back in charge of the press room today.

But on Monday, Memorial Day, a slow non-business day in the White House press world, Alex Jones of Infowars was given press credentials and will provide Spicer with another friendly face in the press pool. But at the same time as the press pass was being laminated, Alex Jones was assigning blame for the Manchester, England bombing at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, and he believes it falls firmly in the lap of the “liberal trendies” that attended the concert.

“The same people — God love them — on average who are promoting open borders, bringing Islamists in.”

Jones said all the “liberals” who attended the concert have already “raised the white flag” to the Islamists because they don’t criticize Muslims. But what Jones didn’t mention was that many of the dead and injured were children, and mentioned in the Metro publication out of Manchester.

“Twelve children under the age of 16 were among the 59 casualties taken to hospital after the terror attack at Manchester Arena.”

But Alex Jones has blamed children before, saying that the Sandyhook school massacre was a hoax and that child actors were cast in the fake video played on newscasts because the killer in that case was a Caucasian who was born in the United States. But the murderer that also killed himself in the blast was born in England of parents who came to the U.K. through legal channels.

Alex Jones may or may not personally believe that those who attended the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester were to blame for the brutal massacre, but his Infowars newscast has used tragedies in the past to support anti-immigration policies.


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While some media outlets have balked at the idea that Alex Jones and Infowars could get press credentials, Snopes confirmed that Alex Jones and Infowars had indeed been granted credentials and Jerome Corsi posted a photo of himself and the press credentials outside the White House press room.

But it is possible that the credentials still might be temporary because in January, both Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi claimed that they were given press credentials, but at that time, the claim was rebuked by both Sara Huckabee and Hope Hicks of the White House press office.

Do you think that Alex Jones and Info Wars should have a spot in the Trump White House press corps?

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