National Comic Book Day 2017: WWE Superstars Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins, & Others Name Favorite Superheroes

It's National Comic Book Day 2017, and many people, including WWE stars, are reminiscing about their favorite superheroes. Among those recently questioned about which comic books or superheroes they like the most were former WWE Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks and current WWE Raw tag team champion Seth Rollins. In addition, a few of the stars from the NXT roster, including the current NXT champion Drew McIntyre and one superstar who really loves comic books, Johnny Gargano, were also polled.

In a "Pop Question" video posted on the WWE Twitter and YouTube channel, WWE asked current superstars from the rosters about their favorites. Several of the stars mentioned who they liked when they were growing up, although they say they've outgrown comics today. Seth Rollins named Spider-Man as his all-time favorite, but he also admitted he wasn't really into comic books as a kid but only read them to try to be like his older brother. Curt Hawkins, who is on a 118-match losing streak, named the X-Men as his favorites because they were a team rather than just one person like Spider-Man or Batman. Hawkins may want to call on Professor X and company for some help turning that streak around.

WWE superstar Sasha Banks favorite superhero
WWE superstar Sasha Banks named her favorite comic book as a newer WWE comic that's in circulation. [Image by WWE]

As for "The Boss" Sasha Banks, she listed a current WWE-themed comic book as her favorite. There is a WWE and Boom Studios jointly-published comic book that is in circulation now. The comic simply titled WWE is now up to its ninth issue this Wednesday and features Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns on the cover. Sasha said she liked the cover featuring her and Dean Ambrose because she found it a strange pairing. That particular issue is No. 5 in the series and shows Ambrose sitting on the hood of a car driven by Sasha. Brock Lesnar is also featured on the cover with a sign for "Suplex City" just below him. There are also various covers of the comic featuring everyone from Shawn Michaels to Shinsuke Nakamura.

Current NXT star Johnny Gargano mentioned a similar inspiration in the WWE video. Gargano says he's a "big comic book guy" and a "big Marvel guy." He also mentions several of his ring trunk selections are inspired by superheroes such as Spider-Man or Hulk. Gargano didn't really give one particular hero he loves, suggesting there's too many to choose from for him.

Comic book inspiration has seemed to take over several superstars in terms of their ring gear. One superstar who comes to mind is current WWE Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. She's often mentioned in interviews that her ring gear is inspired by both horror movie icons such as Freddy Krueger and several superhero legends, including Harley Quinn or Iron Man. Bliss wasn't part of the video, but one has to think she is a huge fan of all sorts of superhero icons. In the video below, she is seen in Iron Man-themed ring attire as she battles Mickie James on WWE Raw.

Meanwhile, current NXT Champion Drew McIntyre mentioned a real-life wrestling superhero that he bought comic books about back in the day. McIntyre says there was a comic book based on The Undertaker back in 1988 or 1989, and he made sure to buy all of those issues. Smart idea by McIntyre, as that hero worship seems to have paid off nicely for his wrestling career.

For fans who want to see more about WWE merging with comic books, check out the WWE slideshow of "Superhuman Superstars." For those who want to pick up some comics for National Comic Book Day 2017, check out the shop locator here.

[Featured Image by WWE]