Clay Travis Shocks CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin With This Comment [Video]

CNN abruptly ended an interview with Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis after he disclosed to anchor Brooke Baldwin the two things that he believes in completely.

Travis was on CNN to discuss the controversy over a series of tweets by ESPN anchor Jemele Hill alleging that President Trump is a white supremacist.

Travis has been riding a wave of publicity and high-profile media appearances since breaking the story that ESPN had pulled play-by-play announcer Robert Lee from the University of Virginia football telecast because of his name’s similarity to the Civil War general. The sco op, which made nationwide headlines, was leaked to him by ESPN sources. Travis followed up with another scoop — that ESPN suspended longtime SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn last spring for suggesting in a radio interview that the downward trend in viewership was partially the result of too much coverage of social or political issues.

Most of America probably never heard of Jemele Hill, the co-host of the 6 p.m. Eastern time edition of SportsCenter (SC6 or The Six), either prior to the controversial tweets.

Ex-attorney Travis, who describes himself as a radical moderate who never votes Republican, is a vocal critic of what he considers ESPN’s liberal agenda and related collapsing business model.

“Travis’s position is that Hill ought to be able to say whatever she pleases but that ESPN has acted hypocritically by keeping her on the air, after disciplining other personalities for making politically charged comments,” the Washington Post explained.

Amidst the CNN discussion about Hill, Clay Travis said the following on live TV, leaving Baldwin shocked. “I believe in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs.”

Brooke Baldwin cuts off interview with Clay Travis over "boobs" remark

After a stunned Baldwin verified that Travis said “boobs” rather than booze, she chided him for making that kind of sexist comment on national television with a female host. She then shut down the interview. Travis insisted that he uses that line on his radio show all the time.

The exchange has created a firestorm on Twitter.

“Travis’ comments were widely condemned while special praise was reserved for Baldwin, who didn’t let Travis get away with the ‘joke,'” Entertainment Weekly reported.

Watch the entire viral video of the Brooke Baldwin and Clay Travis CNN segment and draw your own conclusions.

Despite the social media outrage, Clay Travis claims that CNN invited him back on the network on Monday and has proof of that. He also says that he is scheduled for a live shot on Fox News sometime during its Saturday evening programming.

CNN Brooke Baldwin, Clay Travis interview ends over boobs

According to The Daily Caller, Brooke Baldwin participated in a risque New Year’s Eve segment with Kathy Griffin on CNN. Alluding to the New Year’s Eve clip vs. today’s interview, Travis wrote on his Outkick the Coverage blog that “This is just a totally fantastic example of fauxrage.”

This is a developing story. Be sure to watch this space for updates on the Brooke Baldwin-Clay Travis interview and the fallout therefrom.

UPDATE: On his NSFW Outkick the Show Periscope broadcast on Saturday embedded below, Clay Travis played a voicemail that purports to be from a CNN producer that he says occurred 20 minutes after the Brooke Baldwin interview inviting him on CNN sister station HLN on Monday morning.

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