Female Wrestler Throws Shade At ‘Monday Night RAW’ Creative Team: Is She Getting ‘Buried’?

As her ring music goes, she’s “not like most girls,” and WWE made sure that fans knew this about Nia Jax from the get-go. But is she getting “buried” now that she’s been off Monday Night RAW for several weeks and not involved in anything meaningful aside from her uneasy alliance with RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss? That may or may not be the case, though it would seem that she’s getting impatient with her seldom-used status on the red brand’s women’s roster, as she suggested in a tweet posted Tuesday night.

Last night, SmackDown Live made history when, for the very first time, a women’s Money in the Bank ladder match was announced in advance of this year’s edition of the titular pay-per-view. This didn’t get past Nia Jax, as the imposing, six-foot-tall female wrestler took to Twitter to express her disappointment that not all of Monday Night RAW’s women get featured on the three-hour flagship program.

“Wow! First ever Money in the Bank Women’s Ladder Match! Amazing how #SmackdownLive uses their ENTIRE women roster every Tuesday!”

This comes on the heels of ongoing speculation that Nia Jax is being “buried,” or not getting as many wins or television time as she deserves. WrestlingNews.co observed that Jax’s last appearance on Monday Night RAW was on May 1, when she took part in an eight-woman tag team match alongside Alexa Bliss, Emma, and Alicia Fox, and defeated the team of Bayley, Dana Brooke, Mickie James, and Sasha Banks. The Internet Wrestling Database lists her last televised appearance as a win over Brooke on the May 15 episode of the “B-show,” WWE Main Event.

Nia Jax commented that unlike 'SmackDown Live', 'Monday Night RAW' doesn't make use of everyone in its women's division. [Image by WWE]

Although Jax is currently aligned with Bliss, with storylines suggesting that she may get a chance at Alexa’s RAW Women’s Championship in exchange for her current role as her enforcer, WrestlingNews.co added that Nia isn’t booked yet to appear at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, where Bliss will be defending her title against Bayley in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match. Jax wasn’t present either in this week’s controversial and poorly-received Monday Night RAW segment, where Bliss and Bayley recreated the Mick Foley/The Rock “This Is Your Life” segment from the Attitude Era.

Why would Nia Jax be buried, considering WWE made a big deal out of her debut following the 2016 brand draft? Many have speculated that this may be a result of a couple of botched moves last month as Nia was wrestling Charlotte Flair on the April 10 episode of Monday Night RAW.

According to 411Mania, the botches happened when Jax accidentally dropped Flair on her head following a shoulder-breaker and later on failed to catch Charlotte as she went for a moonsault outside the ring. Flair was reported to be in good condition after the match, though some fans had called Jax out for being an unsafe wrestler, even taking issue with what they saw as a lack of in-ring polish after being called up from NXT in 2016.

Then again, the internet wrestling community has also been hinting at a perceived Nia Jax “burial” even before last month’s botched moves on Monday Night RAW. At the RAW-exclusive Fastlane pay-per-view in March, Jax had unexpectedly lost in her match against Sasha Banks, marking her first defeat in singles competition since her July 2016 promotion from NXT. She was also the first woman eliminated in the four-way match for the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 33, an unlikely outcome for a large, powerful female wrestler who was built up as a force in her first few months on WWE’s main roster.

Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha Banks combined to eliminate Nia Jax in the RAW Women's Championship match at 'WrestleMania 33'. [Image by WWE]

“The way she was eliminated from the Fatal Four-Way elimination title match felt cheap,” wrote Forbes’ Brian Mazique in April, commenting on Jax’s quick, unceremonious elimination at WrestleMania.

“She was dominating Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha Banks, but all three of them attacked Nia. They stacked their bodies to pin and eliminate her first. Nia deserved to win the match and she definitely shouldn’t have been eliminated first.”

Do you believe Nia Jax is being buried by Monday Night RAW’s creative team, given her current lack of involvement in the brand’s women’s storylines and the current lack of TV time?

[Featured Image by WWE]