Bayley’s ‘This Is Your Life’ Segment Was So Bad, WWE Is Pretending It Never Happened, Watch It Here, Anyway

There are some wrestling moments that are best left untouched. One of these is The Rock and Mick Foley’s “This is Your Life” segment from back in the WWF Attitude Era. Unfortunately, the WWE has decided to take a crack at recapturing the charm of the popular segment, using two of the wrestling firm’s biggest names in the women’s division, Bayley and Alexa Bliss. The segment, however, backfired. In fact, it backfired so much, the WWE is starting to move on as if it never existed. Avid WWE fans, on the other hand, never forget, and the fallout remains notable.

The recent “This is Your Life” was aired on RAW, and it was awkward at best and cringe-worthy at worst. Just like the original segment, Bliss brought out people who allegedly played a part in Bayley’s life, such as an ex-best friend, ex-boyfriend, and a former school teacher, according to a Pop Culture report. Unlike The Rock and Mick Foley’s segment from the Attitude Era, however, Bliss and Bayley’s segment on Monday carried none of the original’s charm and none of the humor. By the time Bayley’s two “exes” were making out in the ring, the arena was drowning in boos from the audience.

During the course of the segment, WWE fans in the arena made their reactions known, and netizens in social media did the same. Even the final scenes of the segment, which saw Bayley finally putting an end to the segment’s misery, were poorly received, as the popular face was beaten (once again) by Bliss, courtesy of a Kendo Stick (again).

Bayley’s “This is Your Life” segment was so poorly received on social media that just hours after uploading clips of it online, the WWE started taking the videos down. Right now, only the Bayley beatdown at the end of the segment remains. Unfortunately for the WWE, however, avid wrestling fans have managed to get copies of the segment, and have uploaded them in numerous video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. One of these is found at the end of this article, and anyone up for a cringe challenge could take a crack at the notorious RAW segment. Fair warning must be given, however, as it really is as bad as its fallout would suggest.

It is quite surprising how such bad writing could make it past the WWE’s creative team, particularly in a time when viewers and avid fans of sports entertainment are starting to be overly critical of the firm’s storyline. WWE, after all, is a veteran in the field. Thus, its writing is expected to be finer than those featured in the independent circuits. So far, however, the WWE has made critical misses with its storylines over the past few months.

The Bayley-Alexa Bliss rivalry is a perfect example of a feud that is really badly written. Both female superstars are talented, with Bayley pretty much a female John Cena during her time in NXT and Bliss killing it with her actions as a heel. So far, however, the WWE has failed to capitalize on each wrestler’s charm and talents. The recently aired “This is Your Life” is a testament to that. Even WWE legends flat-out admitted it, with Booker T downright stating that Bayley’s segment was “hard to watch,” according to a Bleeding Cool report.

The WWE is starting to move on like Bayley’s “This is Your Life” segment never happened, and while this might seem strange, it would not be the first time that the wrestling firm has done something similar. Just last year, the WWE quickly deleted a WrestleMania main event poll that showed Roman Reigns losing badly against other superstars. Bad wrestling segments have been pretty prominent in the WWE for a while now, but when one emerges that ends up warranting complete silence from the wrestling firm, avid wrestling fans known it must be really awful.

Now, if anyone’s up for the challenge, here is the video of Bayley’s “This is Your Life” segment, courtesy of Alexa Bliss and the WWE creative team.

[Featured Image by WWE]