‘Young And The Restless’ Adam Newman News: Has Michael Muhney Confirmed He’s Returning To Show?

Could this finally be the week that Adam Newman fans have been waiting for? Is Adam Newman alive and could we see Adam returning for a spectacular May sweeps? Most of all, could Michael Muhney be returning and portraying the dark and sexy son of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Hope Adams (Signy Coleman)? Lately, Muhney has taken to social media and given some pretty big hints that Adam could be returning soon. Could Michael Muhney be returning to the CBS soap and reprise his role as Adam Newman?

Young and the Restless fans have been chomping at the bit, waiting for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) to find out the real truth about Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and what really happened to Adam. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, this week’s Young and the Restless spoilers includes Paul (Doug Davidson) informing Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) of Chloe’s confession that turns their world around. With this information, they will discuss what happened to Adam Newman. Could this mean that Nikki will find out exactly what Victor did to his own son?

Also, Celebrity Dirty Laundry claims that Adam Newman is coming back! Adam Newman is indeed alive, but no one knows how he is returning and where he is.

So, who could play Adam Newman?

We all know that Justin Hartley was never going to return to Young and the Restless. He is currently starring on the hottest show on television, This is Us. Hartley fans are thrilled that he has found such primetime success but realize that returning to the CBS soap might prove difficult.

So is Michael Muhney returning as Adam?

Since Adam was “killed,” fans of Muhney that have been signing petitions and carefully been following him on social media. In fact, many believe that he has been leaving little clues that he is indeed, returning to Young and the Restless. After he was dismissed by the show in December 2013, it was rumored that Muhney interviewed to return in 2014. Yet, when Adam Newman reappeared in Genoa City, it was Justin Harley portraying the complex character that Muhney had previously portrayed.

When Michael Muhney replaced the original Adam, Chris Engen, Muhney embraced the dark side of Adam, which Engen was reportedly uncomfortable portraying. Muhney became the fan favorite, skillfully playing the complex, mad, bad and dangerous to know Newman. Here he was the son of two polar opposites: the kindest person to ever enter Genoa City, Hope Adams Newman, and the complex, cruel and mercurial Victor Newman.

Within weeks of taking on the role of Adam Newman, Muhney had masterfully transformed the character of Adam Newman. His genius finesse showed viewers both sides of Adam’s personality. Like Victor Newman, he was determined to smother rivals and add to his personal gain, making him a formidable villain. Like his father, Adam will always be an outsider. He is always going to be an outcast. And most painfully, since the death of his mother, Adam was always going to be alone. While Hartley played Adam in a more soft and sensitive way, Michael Muhney portrayed Adam Newman with cruelty and emotion, not unlike the classic Charlotte Bronte character Heathcliff, from the novel Wuthering Heights. Muhney showed a vulnerability that instantly made Adam a fan favorite.

Now, Muhney has given posted some intriguing tweets that are beginning to get Young and the Restless fans wondering if he is back.

“Ha! I loved filming that reveal!!!”

Although Muhney is a loyal Chicago Cubs fan, Muhney is not featuring the new MLB season in his #tbt tweets. Instead, he is is focusing on when he played Adam Newman.

Could all of this social media and fan frenzy influence the powers that be that fans want Muhney back? Could be! Late last month, CBS Soaps In Depth posted a small message from Muhney thanking CBS and Young and the Restless fans for their continued support.

“There’s this concept that social media and Twitter brings out the bad. But in my case, I’ve received so much warmth, love, and encouragement.”

The specialty soap publication listed that Michael Muhney was recently on television in Correcting Christmas and in the movies The Track and Search Engines, and suggested that he should be on a show sometime soon. ‘

Maybe during May sweeps?

Are you looking forward to the return of Adam Newman to the Young and the Restless? Do you hope that Michael Muhney reprises his role of Adam? Have you signed the petition and/or followed Muhney on social media?

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