‘Fairy Tail’ Manga 525: Gildarts Vs. August, Natsu Vs. Zeref And Erza’s Appeal

Chapter 525 of immensely popular Fairy Tail manga continues with the epic confrontation between the "strongest of the Fairy Tail and the Spriggan 12"

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 525 spoilers/recap ahead]

In Chapter 524 of Fairy Tail, August had managed to elicit a very strong reaction from Gildarts after he implied killing Cana. As expected, Gildarts was beside himself with rage due to August's provocation. In the current chapter of Fairy Tail, Gildarts makes it amply clear to the strongest member of the Spriggan 12 that he won't tolerate anyone laying a hand on Cana. He threatens August by saying that he would "show a special hell that puts death to shame" to anyone who dares laying a single finger on Cana.

Interestingly, Cana is well aware of the psychological warfare waged by August and attempts to stop Gildarts from falling prey to the cunning provocations. However, already blinded with rage, Gildarts charges towards the latter. Unfortunately, August is acutely aware that emotions cloud judgment, and using this, he attempts to overpower Gildarts. As expected, August gets the better of his opponent.

Although realizing he is being overpowered, Gildarts stops Cana from joining in the fight, but she doesn't listen. Insisting that she is a grown woman who can take her own decisions, Cana surges ahead and strikes a very powerful blow on August, momentarily throwing him off balance.

Interestingly, August keeps asking why is it that the strong emotional bond and mutual love between parents and their wards not shared between "the Majesty and his child"? In the previous chapter of Fairy Tail, August had asked Gildarts about the "unconditional love" that a parent and their child share.


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Back at the Fairy Tail headquarters, the epic battle between E.N.D. Natsu and Zeref continues with heightened intensity. Neither of the powerful combatants appears to let up or give in, as Lucy, Happy, and Gray watch on in utter disbelief. During the battle, Zeref unleashes the "Fire Dragon's Roar," which completely takes Natsu by surprise.

In the middle of the battle, the spectator trio hears a faint voice asking them to leave the Guild Headquarters immediately. The voice appears to be generated by Erza. Having left the battlefield, Erza is seen rushing to the headquarters. She asks the trio to "convene" with her, but Lucy protests stating that they can't just abandon Natsu. Erza assures the trio that they should believe in her and Natsu, as "Natsu's fate is dependent" on them.As Natsu continues to engage Zeref in what promises to be a long drawn battle, Gray reasons that they must meet up with Erza because hanging around the headquarters won't help Natsu, and continuing to do so will only hinder the protagonist of Fairy Tail. Whispering her wishes to Natsu, Lucy is glad to see that the hero hasn't given up. In the previous chapter of Fairy Tail, Zeref had claimed that Natsu must die for the sake of humanity. He reiterates the cryptic statement once again, observing that he is enjoying the fight. It is quite apparent that Zeref had been looking forward to such a confrontation for a very long time.Shockingly, in the midst of the battle, Lacarde, or as he is also known as Rahkeid, appears. Quite a few chapters earlier, Zeref's son was defeated. Hence it is truly surprising to see his return. As expected, Natsu, too, is flabbergasted to see Lacarde, and the latter urges Zeref to kill the enemy during his moment of confusion and bewilderment. Lacarde mentions that killing Natsu would liberate Zeref from the curse of his younger brother. Interestingly, Zeref, too, appears to be surprised to see his dead son.The scene abruptly shifts to sometimes in the past. Mavis is seen locked up in a glass chamber, while a scientist wonders how can a life emanate from within her. He seems to be in a dilemma about whether to kill the life or let it live but eventually, he decides to allow the life to propagate.Chapter 525 of Fairy Tail manga ends with Zeref striking a powerful blow to Natsu, while admonishing Lacarde. He asks his son to stop interrupting him. It seems August had been wondering about this clear lack of compassion between Zeref and Lacarde. Hopefully, Fairy Tail mangaka Hiro Mashima sheds some light on August's cryptic statement and also indicates who emerges victorious in the multiple battles being waged in the upcoming chapter of the popular Japanese manga series.

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