Fairy Tail 522: Zeref’s Plan, Gray’s Ultimate Sacrifice And Gildarts Vs. August

Chapter 522 of immensely popular Fairy Tail manga is packed with many potentially epic confrontations that began in the previous chapter. However, with the pivotal change that the series has taken over the last couple of chapters, fans are wondering if the popular Japanese manga is coming to an end.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 522 spoilers/recap ahead]

In the current chapter of Fairy Tail manga, Zeref reveals his plans to Gray Fullbuster. He wants Mavis’ magic and is forced to go through the Fairy Tail guild because all the members are protecting her. It has been mentioned numerous times in the past chapters that the guildmates are like family, and the members look out for each. Makarov’s sacrifice, Lucy embracing Natsu, and many more are examples of the close-knit structure of the Fairy Tail guild.

Meanwhile, the epic confrontation between Gildarts and August continues. In the previous chapter, Gildarts had brought down an entire cathedral on top of August as part of his first strike. However, the sole remaining member of the Spriggan 12 isn’t an ordinary adversary, and it would take a lot more to defeat him. In the current chapter, Gildarts attempts to slice up August, but even in the divided state, August proves he is a powerful enemy. Claiming it is impossible to defeat him, August rains powerful blows. As expected, Gildarts’ daughter, Kana, joins her father in his fight. August appears interested in knowing the relation. Given the fact that two very powerful opponents are engaged, the fight could last long.

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The scene shifts back top Fairy Tail headquarters, where Zeref mentions to Gray that the reason he is being so forthcoming about the incriminating information that even the Spriggan 12 aren’t privy to, is because he plans on killing him. Zeref adds that Natsu is headed to the HQ and he plans on finishing Gray before the E.N.D. reaches.


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Shockingly, Zeref notes that the reason he plans to murder Gray is to aggravate and infuriate Natsu. Although Gray may have stood against Natsu in the earlier chapters, their friendship is strong, and the former’s demise will cause great pain to the latter. Zeref reveals he plans to take advantage of the intense emotions in Natsu. As expected, Gray claims he will end Zeref before Natsu gets to the HQ.

It is unknown how Gray plans to kill Zeref, especially when the latter is cursed with immortality. Moreover, Zeref’s end will also mean Natsu will die because of Natsu’s E.N.D. transformation. It is apparent that Gray is in a quandary. On one hand, he wants to kill Zeref, but doing so will also result in Natsu’s death. Hence, Gray’s only option is to overpower Zeref and force him to surrender. By defeating Zeref and still keeping him alive, will ensure that Natsu lives.

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Having realized the same, Gray unleashes the “Iced Shield” spell. It is shocking that Gray chooses this spell because similar to Makarov’s spell, this enchantment demands a heavy price. However, Gray appears unconcerned about his wellbeing. He adds that the Fairy Tail Guild has saved his life on countless occasions, and hence, his life isn’t his alone. Unfortunately, besides claiming the life force of the user, the “Lost Iced Shell” spell also impacts the memories about the users within the hearts of his or her friends.

In the previous chapter of Fairy Tail manga, mangaka Hiro Mashima had promised that he would release two chapters simultaneously. Chapter 522 of Fairy Tail ends with a pretty dramatic cliffhanger. Will Gray truly be killed because of the Iced Shell spell? Will Natsu intervene and save his friend? Will Gildarts finish off the last remaining member of the Spriggan 12? Hopefully, the answers to these question appear in upcoming chapter of Fairy Tail manga.

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