Is Fairy Tail Manga Ending? ‘Dragon Cry’ Site Claims Shonen Series In Final Arc

Patrick Frye - Author

Feb. 24 2017, Updated 1:11 a.m. ET

Mangaka Hiro Mashima’s immensely popular Japanese shonen series, Fairy Tail, might be ending soon indicated the official website for the series’ upcoming movie Dragon Cry.

Is Fairy Tail manga ending? An extensively large fan base of the Japanese manga series is asking the question after an update appeared on the official website of the series’ movie that will begin screening in the coming month.

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After publishing for just a decade, the highly appreciated and always eagerly anticipated Fairy Tail series could be speeding towards its finale, implied the official website of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. As expected, the implicit confirmation about the culmination has fans of the series both miffed and conflicted. But, given the rapid progress made by the manga series over the last few chapters, the prophecy regarding Fairy Tail might turn out to be true sooner rather than later.

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The official website for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry was updated with a theatrical poster and information page about the movie. Contained within the information page were some statistics about Fairy Tail. The page revealed just how popular the manga had become ever since its launch in 2006. Within just a decade, the manga that chronicles the adventures of the Fairy Tail Guild and involves multiple dragons, as well as their crossovers, had amassed millions of fans not only in Japan but also across the world. However, hidden within the statistics was a rather shocking revelation.

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Owing to the phenomenal popularity of Fairy Tail, the manga has managed to sell more than 60 million copies worldwide. Incidentally, the series debuted its 500th chapter last September, and it appeared that the series still has a lot of material left to last at least another two or three years. Unfortunately, a single sentence within the information page has fans of the series worried.


The information page plainly noted that Fairy Tail is already in its last arc. In other words, the series doesn’t have a lot of material left to carry on in the future. The news might come as a shock for many Fairy Tail fans, but those who religiously follow the manga have been dreading this news for quite some time. Especially the last few chapters of Fairy Tail have been quite indicative about the series heading towards its culmination.

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[Warning: Fairy Tail manga spoilers ahead]

Chapters 519, 520, and 521 have been quite pivotal to the story. With Natsu emerging out of his coma and defeating the “Demon” and “Dragon” seeds growing and fighting within him, the protagonist managed to cheat death and come out of his near-death condition rejuvenated. His emergence coincided with the rest of the Fairy Tail members gaining an upper hand in their individual battles.

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Interestingly, although the Fairy Tail manga might end soon, the creators of the hit franchise have managed to keep the anime alive. In fact, Fairy Tail Zero, a prequel to the original anime debuted in January 2016 and has been appreciated by fans. The anime front is looking even better after mangaka Hiro Mashima had hinted Fairy Tail would return with a brand-new anime sequel similar to how Naruto Shippuden relates to the original Naruto anime, reported Comic Book.

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