'Prison Break' Season 5 Spoilers: No Happily Ever After For Michael And Sara?

Jackie Villegas

The highly anticipated Prison Break Season 5 is bringing back Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from the dead. But will it also revive the fan-favorite romance between him and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), the mother of his young son?

The limited Season 5 event will return with most of its original main cast in April, nearly eight years after the final episode of the original FOX series aired. According to Prison Break Season 5 spoilers, much of the upcoming season is set in Yemen, where Scofield has re-emerged following his apparent death at the end of the serial drama's fourth season.

In Prison Break Season 5, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) learns that his brother is still alive but is incarcerated in the Ogygia Prison. It's currently unclear how Scofield went from dying in Season 4 to being involved with a terrorist group halfway across the world in Season 5. But it's probably safe to say that Michael never actually died. Instead, he may have simply opted to disappear to protect his family.

On Valentine's Day, a fan tweeted at the Prison Break writers, asking what Sara and Michael will be doing to celebrate the occasion. The writers responded with a disappointing but perfectly rational answer.

"Well, Michael's in prison/dead and Sara's married to Jacob."

Of course, anything can happen (Scofield was "resurrected," after all) and Sara's husband could be conveniently disposed of to give Prison Break fans the "happily ever after" ending they crave.

And while there's yet to be any indication of this, a third potential arc for Jacob is that he will turn out to be a villain. Knowing how important Michael is to both Sara and Michael Jr., Jacob could offer to help the crew get Scofield out of Yemen. Later, realizing that Scofield's return will threaten his position in Sara and little Michael's lives, Jacob could end up sabotaging the plan.

Will Jacob emerge as one of the main villains in Prison Break Season 5?

Lee cleared up the issue with Express.co.uk, saying that there's no truth to the news of his casting in Prison Break Season 5.

"I think Bill Kim is at the bottom of a lake with five million dollars somewhere and dead. So, no, that's a complete rumor. [I'm] not returning to Prison Break at all."
"It would be fun to reprise that really terrible, slimy role."