Kenya Moore Accuses Matt Jordan And Tiffany Maiyon Of Steroid Use And Unsafe Sex, Tiffany Responds

Kenya Moore is hitting back at Matt Jordan with a vengeance. After Matt publicly claimed that Kenya used him for a story line on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and that what viewers are watching on the show is fake, Kenya, via an Instagram message posted on Monday, exposed Matt’s history of violence towards her and trouble with law enforcement, which resulted in several mug shots. In her Instagram post, Kenya also sought to damage Matt’s personal fitness career by claiming that he uses steroids, thanks to his rumored new girlfriend Tiffany Maiyon. Kenya even went so far as claiming that Matt and Tiffany engage in unsafe sex.

According to Kenya, Matt vandalized her home a total of four times and her neighbors even called 911 once. Kenya also claims that Matt was kicked out of their hotels in both Mexico and Las Vegas for violent behavior, with the Mexico incident resulting in Matt getting escorted out of the hotel by police. Matt’s other transgressions, according to Kenya, include getting arrested for a felony last month, for the fourth time in a row, that involved him getting tazed and handcuffed after attempting to flee on foot.

Rather than using Matt, Kenya wants everyone to know that she did everything to help him, especially financially. Kenya claims that she not only posted his bail when he got arrested, she also paid for his flights and overdue rent.

Directly hitting at Matt’s claim that everything was fabricated for the show and that she ambushed him with the camera crew, Kenya pointed out that cameras weren’t around to capture everything that Matt really did and that the Real Housewives producers even banned him from filming because of his violent behavior.

There were no cameras around in Mexico when the door was kicked in and police escorted him out. There were no cameras the now FOUR times my home was vandalized. There were no cameras filming when my neighbors called 911. There were no cameras filming when the Vegas hotel kicked him out for being violent and destroying the hotel room. There were no cameras around when I posted bail, paid for tickets, back owed rent to keep from being evicted, or never left his side when he cried in my arms to take him back countless times. And there were no cameras around when he got arrested for a felony last month (for the 4th time in a year) tazed, handcuffed and fled on foot. There were no cameras when he was banned from filming because of his violence. I'm not playing the victim. I'm fighting back. I Will not continue to be abused by someone who now wants to exploit something I was accused of 5 years ago by a scorned lover as payback to hurt me to justify violent his behavior. The only thing Matt is guilty of is acting a fool. Yet to continue to abuse me by claiming to be an actor is a joke. I guess your new side piece, the $100k poor man's version of a woman is lying about the steroids she bought you too... or the part about sex without condoms #bitchbye #IWillNeverBeLiedOnAgain #receipts #NotToday #IAmMyOwnStoryline #HeNeededMe #BitchesBeLike #OneStoryOneTruth #RHOA

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Accompanying Kenya’s message was a collage of Matt’s mug shots, one from March 2016, two from June 2016 and one from September 2016, that TMZ posted earlier on Monday. Interestingly enough, none of Matt’s mug shots resulted from any violent incidents involving Kenya. TMZ reported that in March, Matt was pulled over for swerving and subsequently arrested on an outstanding warrant. The first June arrest also resulted from reckless driving, specifically speeding and driving on a suspended license. Matt was arrested a second time in June under a failure to appear warrant.

The September arrest was the most serious. TMZ reported that Matt was arrested after shouting homophobic slurs at police and fleeing into the woods after getting tazed by them. Matt was apparently on the run from police for four days before finally getting caught and charged with felony obstruction and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

“In September, Jordan was driving past cops and allegedly shouted homophobic slurs at them. Things escalated and officers ended up firing a Taser into his back, which they say he ripped out and fled into the woods. Cops went to his car, found his ID and arrested him 4 days later for felony obstruction and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.”

Kenya Moore really showed that she’s not afraid of hitting below the belt when she wrote, in the last paragraph of her Instagram message, that Matt Jordan’s new “side piece, the $100K poor man’s version of a man,” bought him steroids. Kenya also implied that Matt and his “side piece” have unsafe sex.

“I guess your new side piece, the $100k poor man’s version of a woman is lying about the steroids she bought you too… or the part about sex without condoms.”

While Kenya didn’t name names, it’s clear that she’s referring to Tiffany Maiyon, a mother-of-three who in October 2012 admitted on the T.D. Jakes talk show that she has spent $100,000 to achieve “the perfect look” via plastic surgery. Tiffany further admitted that while her plastic surgery addiction has caused her to file bankruptcy, she isn’t done going under the knife.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tiffany went public with her relationship with Mat in late November and claimed that Kenya’s relationship with Matt was fake. Matt joined in on Tiffany’s criticism of Kenya, claiming, via social media, that Kenya manipulated him and the the show was feeding viewers lies.

Tiffany replied to Kenya’s post with a scathing post of her own. In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Tiffany denied that she was ever Matt’s “side piece,” as Kenya and Matt were broken up at that time. Tiffany then declared that if Kenya has “worked [her] p**sy” as much as she runs her mouth, she would have had a husband a few kids by now. “You don’t want to f**k with me,” Tiffany warned.

Yet Matt and Tiffany may already be done. As the Inquisitr reported, Tiffany, just a few days ago, implied via comments on her Instagram page that she’s no longer involved with Matt.

The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode showed Kenya angrily confronting Matt about breaking her garage door window. Security camera footage showed a man looking to be Matt doing just that. Matt in turn accused Kenya of using him and ambushing him with the camera crew.

Late last week, Matt told Radar Online that Kenya staged the whole altercation.

“Miss Moore requested I do that [break the garage door] and certain things to build her story line. I never broke anything that wasn’t already planned to happen. It was agreed upon prior to it. It was per her decision to boost her story line on the show.”

Matt admitted that he agreed but that Kenya took it too far when she went ahead and called the police. Apparently, Matt was desperate for reality TV fame but didn’t realize what he was getting into with Kenya.

“I was convinced it would be a good idea to do. She got the police report to show she has a crazy boyfriend. That really hurt. I didn’t think she would go that far and do me like that.”

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode shows that viewers will continue to see plenty of drama between Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan. In one scene, Kenya’s father confronts Matt about how he’s treating Kenya as Kenya looks on.

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