Matt Jordan Says Kenya Moore Manipulated Him, ‘RHOA’ Feeding Viewers Lies

Matt Jordan is now publicly speaking out against Kenya Moore and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On Saturday, Matt publicly claimed that Kenya “manipulated” him. Not only that, Matt, after the latest episode aired on Sunday night, accused the show of feeding viewers lies.

The show currently shows Matt and Kenya in a complicated relationship. Yet apparently, they’re no longer together. After the episode aired, Matt posted a photo of himself with another woman. Matt wrote that he hopes viewers enjoyed the show and all the lies they were just fed. Clearly, Matt wants people to believe that the show is scripted and hardly represents what really happened between him and Kenya. Via his photo comment, Matt also bragged that he has no problem getting attention from women.

On Saturday, Matt posted a video of himself answering someone’s question about being certified as a personal trainer. Matt’s post received a lot of comments not about personal training and physical fitness but Kenya.

One person, in reference to the latest episode, told Matt that Kenya got him “looking like a b**ch” and asked him why he banged on walls and knocked stuff down. Matt expressed surprise at the person’s questions, claiming that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about since he doesn’t watch the show. Matt also pointedly asked if he was shown putting his hands on anyone.

“lynettewisteria:Kenya got u looking like a b***h????”

“mattjordanbrand:@lynettewisteria lol haha really how??”

“lynettewisteria: Why u banged on walls and knock stuff down tho….?”

“mattjordanbrand: I doby know when was that??”

“mattjordanbrand: I don’t watch the show so I have no idea what’s going where do you see me ever putting my hands on anyone.??? @lynettewisteria”

Another person posted a comment to Matt about him missing out on his own surprise birthday party that Kenya had planned for him. In his response, Matt claimed that Kenya “manipulated” on his birthday for no reason. He criticized her for making him seem like the crazy person.

“mfundoz: Dude @mattjordanbrand you are missing from your surprise party????????????#rhoa”

“mattjordanbrand: @mfundoz yet unfortunately I don’t think that that is funny at all kenya manipulated on my birthday for no reason. And now it’s going to look like I’m some kind of crazy person.”

Earlier on The Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, Kenya Moore was shown re-connecting with Matt Jordan after breaking up with him earlier in the summer over his aggressive behavior during a vacation trip together. After Matt unexpectedly showed up to her Moore Manor housewarming party and apologized, Kenya decided to give him another chance. Last week’s episode showed Kenya meeting Matt’s family. The two seemed to have finally worked out their relationship issues.

The latest episode showed Kenya planning a surprise birthday party for Matt. During a cake decorating class with Cynthia Bailey, Kenya revealed that she was planning a couples’ ATV in celebration of Matt. As it turned out, the ATV outing didn’t go as planned. Just prior to the trip, Kenya told Cynthia over the phone that she and Matt got into a fight after she posted a throwback photo of herself with Jay Z from a music video shot years ago. Kenya claimed that Matt got physically aggressive.

“We got into this silly, petty — I don’t even know if you could call it a fight…He just starts banging on walls, knocking stuff over, and just being silly like a little kid.”

Matt ended up not showing up for the ATV outing. Kenya went ahead with the trip, which included Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, anyways. Kenya admitted that Matt’s no-show was embarrassing.

“It’s completely embarrassing. But I thought it would be worse just to cancel this whole event. I know how to put on a brave face.”

As the episode aired, Kenya gave her thoughts and opinions on what viewers were watching via social media. While she didn’t mention Matt by name, she did post a collage of photos of herself with some of the men she has worked with over the years and pointedly wrote that people should be proud of the accomplishments of their significant others.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Matt recently prompted questions of whether he and Kenya Moore are still together after he posted a photo of another woman, Tiffany Maiyon and declared her to be his “Woman Crush Wednesday.” Just two weeks ago, Kenya told Bravo’s The Daily Dish that she and Matt are in a relationship and that she’s considering starting a family with him. Then, after Matt posted the photo of Tiffany, Kenya posted texts that were supposedly proof that they spent Thanksgiving together. Yet Tiffany subsequently publicly claimed that she and Matt are indeed in a relationship and that Kenya’s “reaching” with her claims that she and Matt are in a relationship.

After the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired, Tiffany posted a clip of Matt and called him her “bae.”

Matt Jordan subsequently posted a video of himself warning someone, seemingly Kenya Moore, to “never play with [his] name” and to never mention his name in any kind of funny way. Matt added that he “never disrespected, unless he was disrespected.” The video seems to have been shot by Tiffany Maiyon, as Matt’s wearing the same sweatshirt as the one shown on Tiffany’s photo of him. A woman’s voice can be heard in the background laughing and telling Matt that he’s “so cute.”

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