Kandi Burruss On Fakeness Of Kenya Moore And Matt Jordan’s Relationship, Matt And Rumored New GF Tiffany Maiyon Apparently Over Already

Was Kenya Moore’s relationship with Matt Jordan ever real, or was it a fabricated relationship so that Kenya could have a storyline for season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? On Sunday, prior to the airing of the latest episode, Kenya’s co-star, Kandi Burruss, gave her thoughts on Kenya and Matt’s relationship. Another person who has also spoken out about Kenya and Matt is Tiffany Maiyon, the woman recently rumored to be Matt’s new girlfriend. Yet it already seems that Tiffany is done with Matt, for in a recent Instagram post, she revealed that she has blocked him from her page.

In an Instagram post, Kandi teased all the drama that viewers will see in the upcoming episode. A preview for the episode shows that viewers will see Porsha Williams talk to her sister and mother about wanting to start a family; Kandi’s mom, Mama Joyce, questioning Phaedra Parks about the man who went to her office with a grenade threatening to blow everything up; and Kenya confronting Matt about reacting violently towards her due to jealousy. Another preview shows Kenya tearfully confiding to Cynthia Bailey, via a phone call, that Matt broke her garage door window. In security camera footage, a man who looks like Matt is indeed shown breaking the window and then fleeing.

Regarding the drama that viewers will see happen between Kenya and Matt, Kandi maintained that it’s not fake at all. Kandi added that she just had to say that because people are always saying that Kenya’s relationship is fake.

Kandi and Kenya have become increasingly close lately. Just two weeks ago, Kenya spent Thanksgiving with Kandi and her family, as evidenced by a photo that Kenya posted of herself with Mama Joyce and Kandi’s son, Ace.

Kenya Moore actually brought Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, into the public discussion of whether her relationship with Matt Jordan was real. As the Inquisitr reported, after rumors began about two weeks ago that Kenya and Matt’s relationship was fabricated all along, after Matt posted about Tiffany Maiyon on his Instagram page and declared her to be his “Woman Crush Wednesday,” Kenya pointedly posted a tweet that thanked Kandi and Todd for hosting her, her family, and Matt on Thanksgiving.

In a seemingly further bid to show that the relationship was real, Kenya also posted tweets that were supposedly exchanged between her and Matt on Thanksgiving, in which Matt expressed desire for Kenya and talked about being at Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s place for the holiday. Tiffany, however, subsequently publicly confirmed that she’s in a relationship with Matt and said that the texts between Kenya and Matt were old.

As the Inquisitr reported, Matt, last week, publicly claimed, via a video that was seemingly filmed by Tiffany and posted to Matt’s Instagram page, that Kenya “manipulated” him and that The Real Housewives of Atlanta was scripted and feeding viewers “lies.” Tiffany, meanwhile, posted a photo of Matt and described him as her “bae.”

Yet it seems that Tiffany’s relationship with Matt, if they had one, is already done. Last week, Tiffany posted a “no f**ks” given message to her Instagram page that hinted that she’ll spill the beans about everything soon. One person commented that it’s funny how Kenya’s fans were lashing out at her just recently but now they want to join her bandwagon. Tiffany replied that she thinks all of the criticism was really due to people not liking Matt rather than not liking her.

“mzdiva4u: Funny how @thekenyamoore fans was calling you every name in the book, now they want to join on your bandwagon.

“tiffanymaiyon: @mzdiva4u I think it wasn’t about me, but more about him… No one likes him so they tried to come for me….”

Another viewer pointed out to Tiffany that her significant other has stopped following her on Instagram. Tiffany replied that she blocked him. The viewer congratulated Tiffany for standing up for herself and not allowing herself to be used.

“heart_b_still: Ur Bae stopped following u on IG…Hmmm. I guess the jig is up. Oh well????

“tiffanymaiyon: @heart_b_still I blocked him is all”

“heart_b_still: ??? good for u girl…. No woman deserves to be used in anyway or form, period!”

Interestingly enough, Matt subsequently deleted the Instagram post that criticized Kenya and the show. Tiffany has also deleted the Instagram post that described Matt as her “bae.”

Despite what Matt Jordan and Tiffany Maiyon have claimed, Kenya is sticking by her story that what viewers are watching on The Real Housewives of Altanta is real. Just prior to the latest episode airing on Sunday night, Kenya posted a message to her Instagram page that talks about the truth being the only story, and that she has never been so honest and raw before. Kenya’s message also implies that Matt is now telling lies to save himself since people are seeing his violent side.

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