‘Catwoman’ Wildenstein Caught On Video Assaulting Boyfriend

Though Jocelyn Wildenstein, 76, aka “Catwoman,” or “Bride of Wildenstein” has hopes that her assault case will go away, a video has gone public showing that the Catwoman has assaulted boyfriend Lloyd Klein, 49, before with a metal tray while verbally abusing him. Klein has now said that he has had enough, and is calling it off with the woman who spent millions to look like a wild cat.

The initial report was that the Catwoman had scratched the face of her boyfriend, and then assaulted him with a pair of scissors, drawing blood on his chest, said the Inquisitr. Lloyd Klein was reportedly using his laptop, and to get his attention, Wildenstein threw hot wax in his face before scratching at him. Klein says that all he could do to stop the assault was to lock her in a closet until the police arrived at their Trump high rise. Wildenstein has now been charged with felony and misdemeanor assault for her crime against Klein.

In a separate incident before the clawing and waxing, Wildenstein was caught on tape hitting Klein over the head with a metal tray while calling his mother a “b***h, says Page Six. The video, which was given to the press anonymously, shows the lynx-like woman screeching at Klein in English and French (she was born in Switzerland, and though she has lived in the United States for decades, she maintains a thick accent).

“Shut up! I hate you, your mother is a b***h!”


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Lloyd Klein spends most of the video fleeing while trying to calm the feline female down.

“I don’t touch you, you don’t touch me, you stop it!”

It seems as if Klein is the one taping the attack, and sources close to the couple claim that this type of fighting was a regular thing.

The Daily Mail is the publication that gained access to the video tape of the “Bride of Wildenstein” swinging a metal tray at Lloyd Klein, a designer who dresses many celebrities. It is hard to understand at some points what the Catwoman is saying, but she is obviously chasing him down the hall, landing several blows.

The date for the video cannot be verified, but friends of the couple say that this type of dust-up was not unusual.

“‘This sort of behavior is not exactly rare,’ said one. ‘Jocelyn’s temper is almost as notorious as her love of plastic surgery. You have to admire Lloyd’s restraint but he would never hit a woman.'”

Part of the problem seems to be the nearly 30-year age gap between the two. Klein’s work as a designer is a full-time thing, and he uses social media to share photos of models in his clothing.

“Lloyd is in fashion, he’s a top designer and naturally his social media features many innocent photos of models. But Jocelyn doesn’t understand what a Facebook account is or what Instagram is for. She sees the pretty girls and assumes it’s some sort of dating site. Then all hell breaks loose.”

But Klein is saying that this is it, after the Catwoman was hauled away in handcuffs from Trump World Tower, where the two share a $5 million apartment. Ironically, it was reportedly Wildenstein who called the police after claiming that Klein locked her in a closet and was being held against her will.

But the police saw the scratches and burns on Klein and decided to take Wildenstein into custody. Jocelyn Wildenstein’s former husband, Alec Wildenstein, divorced the Catwoman because he told friends that she was crazy, as he did not agree with her multiple surgeries.

“She was crazy. I would always find out last. She was thinking that she could fix her face like a piece of furniture. Skin does not work that way. But she wouldn’t listen.”

The Catwoman would tell people that her cat-like look was natural, and she inherited it from her grandmother.

“If I show you pictures of my grandmother, what you see is these eyes – cat eyes – and high cheekbones.”

Jocelyn Wildenstein could face jail time, but that is unlikely due to her age.

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