‘Real Housewives’ Star Jules Wainstein Gets Restraining Order After Feeling Threatened By Husband

The RHONY circle of life continues with one of the housewives getting married, and another, Jules Wainstein, getting a restraining order and a divorce. Police have now reportedly gotten involved in the Wainstein troubles, and Jules Wainstein was told to seek a restraining order if she felt unsafe, and the following day, she was granted one against her husband. At this time, RHONY Wainstein says she is seeking safety and privacy for herself and her children, while she accuses her husband of trying to smear her name in the press, after publicly holding hands with mistress Elyse Bensusan before a separation has been granted. The Wainstein case reportedly goes to court soon.

As of last week, it was reported that Michael Wainstein had still not moved out of the Wainstein family residence, but he was stopping by around 6 a.m. each morning to shower and go to work, while spending nights in a brownstone with his mistress, Elyse Bensusan, who is also still married. RHONY Jules Wainstein confirmed this information to Andy Cohen on WWHL. Close friend, RHONY Dorinda Medley was also on WWHL, and helped out Wainstein, who seemed nervous speaking about her marital situation, as if she was advised to keep quiet.

But following a reportedly loud visit to the Wainstein household, RHONY Jules Wainstein was granted a restraining order against estranged husband Michael Wainstein. A rep for Ms. Wainstein said that she will not be speaking out about the restraining order against Mr. Wainstein.

“Unlike her soon-to-be ex-husband and his lawyer, Jules will not use the press to discuss her divorce proceedings.”

The rep added that her priority right now is her family’s safety, hence the restraining order.

“She is concerned about the welfare and privacy of their children and feels that is what a courtroom is for. They’re due in court very soon.”

Page Six says that the Wainstein court date is September 8, when the information will be hashed out for the RHONY star, and an official separation will be sought by both parties. A source close to Michael Wainstein suggested that the call to the police and the restraining order was a way for Jules Wainstein to have her husband removed from the home. The source claims she screamed, “I will get you out of this house!”

But a friend of the RHONY star claims that version of things is untrue.

“That did not happen. He ran out naked in front of his son and daughter. He did something s***ty in front of their son. The lawyers are well aware. She’s at court getting a restraining order.”


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But Page Six also says that unlike his wife, Michael Wainstein has spoken to the press, alleging that the much taller RHONY star had “brutalized” him. Though at this time, Wainstein is denying infidelity, he has been photographed holding hands with Elyse Bensusan, a married therapist, and a source close to Michael Wainstein said he had “knocked up” his reported mistress.

But what started out as a ho-hum storyline for the RHONY newbie has turned to something that Bravo would like to capture on tape, as events get uglier at the Wainstein home, and the restraining order takes it all to a new level. According to sources, Bravo is trying to include the divorce storyline in the two remaining RHONY episodes if possible, perhaps as a cliffhanger, according to sources.

“[Bravo] producers scrambled to include [the divorce] in the current season” since it is “a story line that exploded. Jules and Michael’s divorce was finally interesting so the producers manipulated the scenes to fit into the narrative that he was the scoundrel in the relationship.”


Sadly, including the Wainstein marital meltdown is said to make the RHONY newbie look more interesting, perhaps guaranteeing her a place on next season’s Real Housewives of New York, and even getting more money.

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[Photo by Bravo TV]