‘Catwoman,’ ‘Bride Of Wildenstein’ Jocelyn Wildenstein Assault Case Called ‘Very Disturbing’

Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, also known as “Catwoman” and “Bride of Wildenstein,” due to her excessive plastic surgery she had done to look like the big cats her former husband loved, was arraigned in a Manhattan court on felony and misdemeanor assault after allegedly attacking her boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, who is describing the whole event as “very disturbing.”

Police reported that they took Jocelyn Wildenstein into custody after being called to her residence by Klein, says the Inquisitr. Klein said that Wildenstein scratched his face, and then grabbed a pair of scissors to stab him in the stomach. Klein alleges that he had to grab Wildenstein and “stuff her in a closet” until the police arrived to prevent additional injuries. Klein says that the slash marks on his chest drew blood.

The photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein taken in the courtroom showed even more work on her face than in any of the photos taken previously. Her complexion is nearly gray, and she seems not to be wearing any make-up. When police asked Wildenstein her age, she told them 71, though the records they had from previous altercations and her identification say 76, says PageSix.


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Wildenstein’s 49-year-old designer boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, was willing to talk briefly about the reported attack.

“That situation is very disturbing. It’s very intimate, very private — I’d rather not say.”

Wildenstein was arrested just after midnight on Wednesday and spent nearly the entire day in police custody. Jocelyn Wildenstein’s lawyer, Alan Kachalsky guided her out of the court because she could not see through the pashmina scarf that was wrapped around her face. The woman sometimes called Catwoman was also reprimanded by a court officer for primping, brushing her hair, and using her (contraband) cell phone as a mirror.

“Give me that!”

Even though the public opinion seems to indicate that Jocelyn Wildenstein’s appearance is botched, she allegedly is still pleased with what millions of dollars of plastic surgery achieved. Wildenstein has explained that she sought to have her eyes look like a lynx.

“The lynx has perfect eyes.”

Wildenstein’s lawyer insists that his client was injured in the fray and has doubts about Klein’s “stab wounds.”

“She was physically hurt. But not on her face. Somewhere you wouldn’t see in court.”

But Klein’s appearance in court tells a different story as his face appeared to have cuts and slices, says the Daily Mail. Klein and Wildenstein have been dating since 2003, and Klein says that the relationship is now over as her rages are now becoming more frequent. He refers to the Catwoman as a “ticking timebomb.”

“She can go blow up anytime, anywhere and with absolutely no reason.”

Sources close to the couple say that the couple had a quiet dinner, but after they had returned home, Wildenstein flew off the handle.

“Lloyd was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention. So she screamed at him to get off the computer then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him.”

After Wildenstein was arrested, Klein’s face was said to be red and swollen as a result of the alleged attack. He is claiming that the relationship is over, and he is moving out of the apartment they had been sharing.

Friends say that Jocelyn Wildenstein doesn’t mind being called Catwoman and Bride of Wildenstein because she loves being involved in a good scandal.

What do you think of Jocelyn Wildenstein’s excessive plastic surgery? Do you think it’s odd that a doctor would make someone look like a cat?

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