Sherri Papini: Missing California Mom ‘Very Emotional’ After Being Found Safe, Sheriff Says [Update]

Sherri Papini’s husband, Keith Papini, has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, as his wife, who vanished weeks ago, has been found safe. According to local authorities, Sherri was extremely emotional when she was found and equally so upon speaking to her husband for the very first time since her disappearance.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday and said Sherri was “…very emotional to be released and hear her husband’s voice, and then a few hours later to be reunited with him,” ABC News reports.

During his appearance on the morning show, the sheriff was asked if he knew how long Sherri had been at the location where she was recovered. He replied with:

“It was a very short amount of time. Evidently one of the captors had dropped her off on a rural road near Interstate 5 and an interchange. She was able to flag down a motorist and that motorist summoned emergency assistance from the highway patrol, then medical responded as well.”

Sherriff Bosenko further acknowledged law enforcement is now looking for two Hispanic women armed with a handgun and driving a dark vehicle. He noted that authorities believe these women abducted Sherri, who was able to give the sheriff’s department some information about her captors.

Although Sherri has given authorities some information about what happened to her, it has been limited. Sheriff Bosenko stated this is because when they spoke to Sherri on Thursday, she was “emotional and quite upset, but elated to be free, and so we were able to get some information from her…” He noted that in upcoming days law enforcement will be following up with Sherri.

The sheriff expressed the hope he and those working on Sherri’s case can get additional information about the SUV the women were driving so the two women who kidnapped Sherri can be brought to justice.

According to CNN, Sherri was found in Yolo County, California, around 140 miles from where she was last seen jogging. She told authorities she had been bound but was able to free herself from restraints.

In the days before she was found, a $100,000 reward that was being offered for anyone who could provide leads to Sherri. Initially, an anonymous donor who created the website, which at press appeared to be down, had offered a $50,000 reward for the individual who had the missing California mom, KRCR TV reported.

A letter from the elusive donor to the presumed abductor was posted on the website and said in part, “I am willing to pay you in whatever way you can creatively think about where you feel safe and where nothing can be tracked to you.” The unknown donor also assured the person who may have Sherri that no communication with law enforcement would be undertaken.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the deadline for that offer came, and the updated offer replaced it. A new letter also appeared on the site, saying the mystery donor was “…willing to confidentially pay… $50,000 CASH immediately” if a lead to Sherri was provided. Also, there was a cash offer of “$50,000 currently available.”

A man working with the anonymous donor, negotiator Cameron Gamble, appeared on the site in a YouTube video explaining the details of the reward.

Sherri was reported missing on November 2 at around 6 p.m. after going out for a jog around 2 p.m. that afternoon. She was seen last jogging alone on in Redding, California, according to WKAL 1450.

Sherri’s husband, Keith Papini, became worried when he learned Sherri failed to pick up their two children from daycare on the day she went missing, according to WKAL 1450.

Anyone with information regarding Sherri Papini’s case is urged to call authorities at 530-245-6540, or the Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135. Tips can also be emailed to

[Featured Image by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office]

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