UFO-Alien Researchers Say You Could Be An Alien-Human Hybrid, And This Is How To Tell [Video]

According to UFO-alien researchers, thousands or possibly millions of humans living today are genetically-engineered alien-human hybrids. This means that they are designer beings created as part of an allegedly ongoing genetic engineering research and development program being conducted by Grey-Reptilian aliens.

The new alien-human hybrid species, according to UFO researchers, represents a new advanced stage in the progress of biological evolution on our planet Earth, and they are destined to take over the world from the human race.

It is claimed that the project to create the new species and infiltrate human society with them has reached an advanced stage.

Millions of individuals living in the world today are alien-human hybrids, but they are not aware of their biological identity (see video above) and the incredible potential bestowed by their unique genetic heritage, according to UFO researchers.

This raises the disturbing possibility that scores of people you have met, including your friends and relatives, are, in fact, genetically engineered alien-human hybrids. It also means that even you could be an alien-human hybrid.

Some alien researchers claim that aliens have contaminated the human race with their DNA to such an extent that practically every human being alive has some alien DNA, and the difference between a normal human and an alien-hybrid is only a matter of degrees of contamination.

And while there is no foolproof method to distinguish normal humans from alien–human hybrids, researchers have devised tests that could be used to determine to a high level of certainty whether you or anyone you know is of extraterrestrial heritage.

The Grey-Reptilian Alien Genetic Hybridization Research Program

According to UFO-Alien researchers, several races of extraterrestrial beings, including Greys and Reptilians, are currently involved in advanced genetic engineering research experiments to create a new advanced race of alien-human hybrids. Aliens are implementing a large-scale project involving genetic profiling of millions of individuals before selecting a few possessing the most desirable genetic traits suitable for use in their genetic hybridization experiments.

Since the Grey-Reptilian confederacy signed a treaty with the U.S. government under the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s, they have established several large underground genetic hybridization research facilities. They have abducted thousands of humans and harvested precious genetic material for use in genetic hybridization research program, according to UFO researchers.

One of the largest underground Grey-Reptilian alien research facilities is the Dulce underground facility located in the town of Dulce in New Mexico, where, according to UFO researchers, hundreds of human abductees are being held in underground dungeons and used as guinea pigs for genetic hybridization research purposes.

Alien hunters claim that information about the clandestine activities ongoing at several underground government-alien research facilities scattered across the country comes from testimony by abductees. According to the testimony, Grey alien researchers routinely harvest cells, including human egg and sperm, from abductees and insert alien genes into them.

The resulting alien-human hybrids fall into different categories as part of research experiments to determine the best combination of genetic traits for alien-human hybrids that will populate Earth and take over from the human race, according to alien researchers.

Some hybrids are predominantly alien in genetic constitution, and as a result, can survive only in alien environments, such as on alien spaceships with specially engineered environments. Hybrids that are predominantly alien gestate in laboratory test tubes or incubators under special conditions before being born.

But, according to alien researchers, hybrids that are predominantly human are carried in the wombs of human mothers.

The human females are abducted and taken to spaceships or underground research facilities where alien DNA is implanted into their embryos. In many cases, aliens visit the victims in her homes and conduct the necessary procedures in the victim’s bedroom during the night when the victim is sleeping.

Most of the abductees have their memories of being abducted and subjected to often painful procedures erased. Thus, a woman abductee usually carries her baby throughout her pregnancy and gives birth without being aware that she is pregnant with an alien-human hybrid.

Conspiracy theorists claim that some women who retained memories of being abducted have come forward to share their experiences (more here and here).

Several individuals claiming to be alien-human hybrids have also come forward.

One example is Leisha, who claims she is a human-Grey hybrid, and her mother was abducted multiple times from their home in Fresno, California. Grey scientists implanted Grey alien DNA into her mother’s embryo, Leisha claimed.

“I will be one of the hybrids that will lead mankind into a new age,” she said. “I will help mankind go through their transition from the 4th world to the 5th world.

An alien-human hybrid test tube baby
An alien-human hybrid developing in a test tube [Image by Fer Gregory/Shutterstock]

You Could Be An Alien-Human Hybrid — How To Tell

Due to the fact that most human females who became pregnant with alien-human hybrids were not aware of it, alien hybrids grow up under the care of their human parents without being aware that they are designer beings engineered by alien researchers.

But UFO-alien researchers say that although there is no foolproof way to prove that a person is an alien-human hybrid because genetic tests are not sensitive enough, there are several signs that suggest an individual is a genetically-engineered alien hybrid.

The first sign that you might be an alien-human hybrid is if you have always felt an awareness, knowledge or insight about your world that others do not have. You know you have the knowledge, but you are unable to explain how you came about it, according to UFO blogger and alien researcher Scott W. Waring, writing on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

You are able to feel the knowledge or awareness inside you because it is in you DNA, he explains.

“Like an animal born with the knowledge of flying south for the winter, it is in you, without any reason as to how you got it?”

An alien ancestor
An alien progenitor: Thousands of people around the world have extraterrestrial genes but are unaware of it. [Image by Anna Aguirre Perez/Shutterstock]

You may also show highly developed precognition powers, such as sensing who is calling on the phone before answering. You may also have the ability to know what others are thinking. You may find that you have unusually developed powers of intuition, have frequent lucid dreams and overwhelming experiences of deja vu.

Most alien-human hybrids also feel a strong sense of connection to and awareness of a non-physical realm.

Many also find that sometimes they are able to make things happen by wishing or concentrating on it.

Finally, nearly all alien-human hybrids experience a deep sense of loneliness or lack of connection with the world of ordinary humans.

If you answer yes to most of the signs above, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring advises you to stop doubting your nature and work to strengthen it so that you can grow and fulfill your genetic potential.

You may derive inspiration and encouragement about your ability to transcend human limitations from learning that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a certified Reptilian-Human hybrid — although he denies it — according to some alien conspiracy theory researchers.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg in an Reptilian-Human hybrid according to conspiracy theorists [Image by Bangkokhappiness/Shutterstock]

“Mark Zuckerberg — do you really think he just got lucky? Luck had nothing to do with it,” Waring writes. “It is about skill, focus and passion… which is still working well for him… and yet it is also raising the awareness of humanity to the things around them.”

Many also claim to have discovered their true nature as alien-human hybrids.

“It is time we accept our true nature. We are Spirits possessing hybrids,” a believer said. “It’s how we experience pain, love and suffering to evolve our Spirit.”

In New Age Circles, alien-human hybrids are called “Star Children” or “alien-hybrid Starseeds.

“I am a Star Child. There are thousands of us here,” said a YouTube user on David Vose channel. “There are those of us who are here to help wake up the human race as well as those of us here to Protect Planet.”

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