Dulce Underground Alien-Government Base, The Largest Reptilian And Grey Base In The World, Is The ‘Real Area 51,’ According To UFO Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

Reported UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Northern New Mexico, have attracted media attention recently. Following multiple claims of UFO sightings in Dulce and stories about a massive underground joint government-alien research base in the area, many conspiracy theorists have argued that focus on Roswell, also in New Mexico, is misplaced.

Residents of the town have claimed multiple UFO sightings believed to be linked to an alleged top-secret underground alien base located under the Archuleta Mesa (Mt. Archuleta) near the town.

Despite an alien conspiracy theory tradition spanning four decades, the fame of Roswell — the site of an alleged UFO crash near a ranch in 1947 — has overshadowed Dulce.

Since the alleged UFO crash incident in 1947, hundreds of residents of Roswell have claimed UFO sightings and the town has nurtured a thriving tourism industry with a museum and an annual festival dedicated to UFOs and aliens.

A bewilderingly complex body of conspiracy theory folklore has developed in connection with the alleged sightings.

Linked closely with Roswell in the body of legends surrounding the circumstances of the alleged UFO crash in 1947 is Area 51, a remote detachment of the Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada.

UFO hunters believe that alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash site is being stored at Area 51 and that government scientists have been busy working to reverse-engineer exotic propulsion technology recovered from Roswell.

However, there is a hardcore group of UFO and alien enthusiasts who believe that Dulce and not Area 51 is the location of the U.S. government’s major top-secret alien technology research facility.

Mt. Archuleta, near the town of Dulce, close to the Colorado-New Mexico border, is the “real Area 51,” being the site of the largest single Reptilian and Grey alien base in the world, according to conspiracy theorists.

And apparently, supporting these claims are reports of UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, a small town with a population of about 2,600.

Residents claim to have photographed UFOs hovering and flying over the town. There have also been reports of black military helicopters linked with UFO sightings. The mysterious helicopters with roving bright lights reportedly hover in the night sky over the mountain plateau.


Geraldine Julian, 78, resident of Dulce, claimed multiple UFO sightings and encounters over more than five decades, according to the Sante Fe New Mexican. Julian claims to have seen “a large spaceship” hovering over a property she owns outside the town.

“The whole town of Dulce, whoever you want to talk to, they’ll tell you what they’ve seen — a lot of them,” she said, and added, “It’s not just a fairy tale. All the things are true, and I believe every last one of them, too, because I’ve seen it myself.”

She described the “spaceship” she saw as having a flat bottom with a domed top.

Another resident claimed to have snapped a photo of a UFO. The man, who preferred to remain anonymous due to fear of losing his job as a government employee, said he photographed a UFO with many lights floating in the air at about 3:00 a.m. He also snapped two photographs of UFOs that appeared in the sky in daytime. He showed the photos to the Santa Fe New Mexico reporter but refused to allow them to be published.

Dulce residents claim that the UFOs originate from underneath the Archuleta Mesa, overlooking Dulce along the Colorado-New Mexico border.

The history of the alleged top-secret government-alien base located deep beneath Mt. Archuleta goes back to 1979 when an Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz, claimed to have picked up signals from an alien spacecraft in orbit. He later claimed to have traced the signals to the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce. Bennewitz concluded after conducting investigations that the mountain was the site of a top-secret underground research base, allegedly a government-alien joint venture established through a treaty with extraterrestrials by the Eisenhower administration.

According to UFO researchers, the Dulce base is a massive and sprawling underground Grey and Reptilian alien facility that is the hub of a network of underground alien bases spread across the country. The bases are linked by an extensive and intricate network of subterranean tunnels that allow the resident aliens to travel across the country without having to come to the surface.

Aliens in an underground base
Aliens inside an underground base [Image via Shutterstock]

The base, with multiple levels embedded deep underground, is the largest single Reptilian and Grey alien base in the world where alien technology reverse-engineering projects are ongoing. The base also includes sprawling bio-genetic research laboratories and a massive cryogenics storage facility used for research experiments to create human-alien hybrids, according to conspiracy theorists.

The aliens at Dulce are also researching into mind-control methods, human-animal crossbreeding, and cloning.

Paul Schneider, allegedly a former government scientist, claimed that he helped to construct the underground facility with seven levels that reach two miles beneath the Archuleta Mesa. Grey and Reptilian alien researchers keep thousands of humans captive in the underground facility. The humans are used as guinea pigs in government-assisted bio-genetic research, according to conspiracy theorists.

Schneider also claimed to have witnessed a firefight between Grey aliens and U.S. Delta Force personnel deep in the underground facility.


Reports of cattle mutilations and abduction in the area since the 1970s support claims that there is an underground alien bio-genetic research facility in Dulce, conspiracy theorists argue.

In an interview with History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Gabe Valdez, a former state trooper, who had investigated the cattle mutilation incidents in the 1970s, said that the most bizarre case he encountered was one in which aliens allegedly left a fetus inside a cow that looked like a cross between a human, monkey, and frog. It was speculated that the aliens were using the cows as “incubation chamber for a cloned creature.”

According to the Inquisitr, some conspiracy theorists claim that while Area 51 was the site of “above-top-secret” alien technology reverse engineering projects in the 1950s and the 1960s, Dulce replaced Area 51 as the government’s top alien base in the 1970s. Alien conspiracy theorists who subscribe to this view claim that Area 51 is being maintained presently only as a decoy to divert the attention of curious UFO researchers from Dulce, the “real Area 51.”

“It would make sense to me for Area 51 to be a decoy because it keeps everyone occupied on Area 51 and nothing else,” a UFO researcher commented. “The media makes it clear Area 51 is a place of secrecy and mystery, in order to focus paranoia on a dummy; keeps us happy and the government happy.”

But skeptics claim that recent media focus on Dulce is only part of ongoing efforts to grow Dulce’s UFO tourism industry and stimulate economic activity in the town in competition with Roswell. Ongoing efforts include plans to hold a Dulce Base UFO conference.

While some Roswell fans and residents welcome the rise of Dulce as an alternative UFO tourist destination, some frown at efforts to promote Dulce in competition with Roswell.

“It’s always been something that’s been kind of a Roswell thing, so I think it would be something that would well most likely need to stay here,” said Roswell resident Bobby Graves, according to KRQE News.

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