UFO, Alien Researchers: Gray-Reptilian ET Plan To Take Over Earth By 2030 Has Sparked World War III [Video]

According to UFO and alien conspiracy theorists, World War III has started. The on-going war between hostile Gray-Reptilian extraterrestrial species and humanity has its roots in events that preceded World War II, several whistleblowers have claimed.

But the dramatic escalation of the conflict, after decades of simmering tension, followed a bloody firefight between U.S. Special Forces and Gray-Reptilian aliens in August 1979 at the underground Dulce facility.

The frequency of underground battles is increasing and threatening to escalate into an alien-human armed conflict of apocalyptic proportions, UFO and alien researchers have suggested.

According to multiple “mutually corroborating” whistleblower testimonies, some members of the human race have allied themselves with the aliens.

The Gray-Reptilian confederation and their human supporters are known as the Military Industrial Extra-terrestrial Complex (MIEC), according to Bibliotecapleyades.

Despite the dire threat to human survival posed by the world takeover ambition of the Gray-Reptilian confederates, whistle-blowers, such as James Casbolt (aka Michael Prince), have tried to calm fears, saying that in spite of the technological superiority of the aliens, humans will win the war due to “superior survival dynamics.”

“It is a dangerous situation. However, all is under control and people should not panic.”


The current alien-human conflict has its roots in a secret treaty that the U.S. government signed with the Gray alien species in 1934 during the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, conspiracy theorists claim.

Although, many members of the alien conspiracy theory community believe that the first treaty between the U.S. government and the Gray-Reptilian confederation was signed on February 21, 1954, under President Dwight Eisenhower, some sources insist that the first treaty was signed on July 11, 1934, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, aboard a naval ship at the port city of Balboa in Panama.

Humans will win the war against the Gray-Reptilians because the human species has superior ‘survival dynamics,’ according to a whistle-blower [Image via Shutterstock]

The 1934 treaty apparently lapsed during the Second World War but was renewed as the Grenada Treaty in 1954, during the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower. But by 1964, U.S. government intelligence agencies had concluded that the Gray-Reptilian alliance was planning a world takeover scheduled for conclusion by 2030.

Following preliminary negotiations on April 15, 1964, at a secret facility in the New Mexico desert, the U.S. government agreed to renew the 1954 Grenada Treaty, according to whistleblower Casbolt. The treaty was formally renewed on April 25 during a meeting held at the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, Casbolt claimed.

The treaty required the U.S. government to allow the aliens abduct humans for use in alien-human genetic hybridization experiments, while the aliens were required to provide, in exchange, technical assistance to speed up the country’s aerospace program.

The Grays provided the U.S. military industrial complex with exotic metals and advanced propulsion technology, such as anti-gravity technology, in exchange for permission to build an extensive network of deep underground bio-genetic research facilities to develop a new race of alien-hybrids capable of adapting to conditions on the surface of the Earth.

However, by 1964, the U.S. government had become convinced that the ultimate goal of the Gray-Reptilian allies was to secretly integrate the alien hybrids into human society and position them strategically in government, the military, industry, and the corporate world so they can take full control of Earth by 2030.

Whistle-blower James Casbolt (aka Michael Prince) came forward in March 2011 with the claim that he was one of the several thousands of people selected to be trained as cyborg super-soldiers at top-secret SS and MI-6 facilities. The cyborgs and an army of clones were intended to infiltrate human society and help the alien-hybrids take over the world.


Casbolt made the bizarre claim during a March 2011 interview at the Probe Spring Conference at St. Annes-on-sea, in Lancashire, U.K.

Going by multiple whistleblower accounts, it appears that the original 1934 treaty with the Grays was never fully implemented. The U.S. government apparently abandoned the treaty after the Grays violated its terms by making an identical offer to the Nazis during the Second World War.

The Grays and the Nazis signed a separate treaty in 1941, according to Casbolt.

The Grays were tempted to approach the Nazis because Hitler offered far less restrictive terms than the Americans.

For instance, the U.S. government had insisted on restricting the number of humans the Grays could abduct on U.S. territory. But the Nazis offered a practically unlimited supply of human subjects from their concentration camps and prisons and they did not demand that the aliens treat the human subjects humanely.

But there was a rapprochement between the Grays and the U.S. government following the defeat of the Nazis, and under Operation Paper Clip, technical assistance that the Grays offered the Nazis was transferred to the Americans.

Thus, in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower renewed the 1934 treaty despite warnings from the Pleiadian aliens that the Grays were a threat to humanity.

“The US government completely disregarded the Constitution of the United States by doing this and not telling the American people.”

Conspiracy theorists claim that the February 21, 1954, “First Contact Meeting” was between representatives of the Nordic alien race from the Pleiades star system and President Dwight Eisenhower. The alleged meeting took place at the Edwards Air Force Base.

Eisenhower reportedly rejected the treaty proposal offered by the Nordic aliens and subsequently renewed the 1934 treaty with the Gray-Reptilian confederation at a separate meeting held at the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico in 1954.

“This was one of the most important events in human history because it thrust us into a role we were not prepared for as regards becoming host to a malevolent, extra-terrestrial race.”

Claimed details of events that led to the renewal of the lapsed treaty with the Grays in 1954 came for several alleged eyewitnesses, including Gerald Light, who allegedly wrote a letter dated April 11, 1954, to Meade Layne, the director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, claiming that he was a member of a group that was present at the Edward Air Force Base (then Muroc Airfield) at the time of the “First Contact Meeting.”

Other whistle-blowers included William Cooper, a former intelligence officer who claimed he saw classified documents relating to the treaty, and Charles Suggs, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant who claimed his father, a senior naval officer, had attended the meeting.

Multiple whistleblower accounts suggest that Eisenhower and his advisers had been under the mistaken impression that the Grays were benevolent ETs. They realized they were mistaken only after the Grays began violating the terms of the treaty intended to restrict alien human abduction activity.

Aliens are training and integrating cyborgs and clones into human society to help alien-hybrids take over Earth, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via Shutterstock]

U.S. officials were also shocked to learn after signing the treaty that the Grays had entered into negotiations as the representatives of an ET alliance that included the dreaded Reptilians.

According to Casbolt, by 1964, U.S. intelligence agencies had realized that the Grays and Reptilians were secretly implementing a program for invasion and takeover of the world by 2029-2030. The genetic hybridization experiments were designed to develop a new race of alien-human hybrids that would take over Earth and displace the global elite.

Whistleblower Phil Schneider revealed to UFO and alien researchers how tensions flared up into a firefight in August 1979 after U.S. Army Special Forces discovered an underground detention facility where human abductees were kept in appalling conditions.

Eisenhower had agreed to renew the Grenada Treaty in 1964 only due to fears that the technologically advanced extraterrestrial alliance would resort to the use of force if the government refused to renew the treaty, according to conspiracy theorists.

The humans in cahoots with the aliens, according to conspiracy theorists, are members of a clandestine group of the global elite known as the Illuminati. Members of the group have infiltrated governments around the world and formed a fifth column sabotaging human efforts to resist alien takeover.

Whistleblower Casbolt claimed to have been trained at a top-secret facility, the Q552 SS base in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Thousands of genetically-engineered humans were trained to support the alien-hybrids that were being integrated secretly into human society in preparation for the takeover of world government.

Other researchers, such as Alfred Lambremont Webre, claimed to have found highly credible sources in B.C. that confirmed Casbolt’s story that there existed in the mid-1970s a secret SS network in B.C that maintained a secret training facility in the Eagle Lake area in British Columbia.

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