Gary Condit Breaks His Silence 15 Years After The Murder Of Chandra Levy On ‘Dr. Phil’

It’s been 15 years since the death of Chandra Levy, and California Congressman Gary Condit has not spoken publicly in that span of time, until now. Gary Condit will now sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw and reportedly be asked some tough questions on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. There still seems to be some confusion about the extent of Condit’s relationship with Chandra Levy, and Dr. Phil will ask about that.

Dr. Phil has been making news lately as he has scored some big interviews, reports The Inquisitr. Recently, Dr. Phil interviewed Burke Ramsey, the older brother of JonBenet Ramsey, and asked him about what he remembers from the night that JonBenet went missing. For years, Burke Ramsey was a suspect in the murder of his sister until DNA evidence confirmed that he was not involved. Dr. Phil spoke to Burke Ramsey in a three-part interview and asked him many of the questions that the public has had over the years. For the Condit interview, reports say that once again Dr. Phil will ask the big questions.

Gary Condit’s name is back in the news again as charges have been dropped against Ingmar Guandique, the man convicted of killing Chandra Levy, says People Magazine. Chandra Levy was a constituent of Condit’s who was serving as an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons when she disappeared while out on a jog.

Condit was said by police to be having an affair with Chandra Levy, something that he later denied. Authorities matched Gary Condit’s DNA to evidence collected from Chandra Levy’s underwear, but they claim they ruled him out as a suspect.


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On clips of the show, Condit seems to be claiming that he just had a friendly relationship with Chandra Levy.

“I saw her one time outside the office at a restaurant, and she came by my condo once — well, maybe. Twice, I think it was twice. I want to make this clear: There’s nothing unusual about someone coming by my condo, a lot of people did.”

Condit believes that the police whipped up his connection to Chandra into something it wasn’t.

“[The police] were trying to make something out of everything that they could.”

The Daily Mail says that Chandra Levy had just finished her internship and was preparing to head back home to California when she went missing while on a jog in Rock Creek Park. Gary Condit explains to Dr. Phil that when Levy went missing, Levy’s parents reached out to him for help.

“When Chandra went missing, her father called my home in California. He had been trying to get a hold of his daughter and she was not responding. He asked if I could be helpful. He knew I was the congressman for the district and knew that she had visited my office several times.”

Gary Condit explains that he and Chandra Levy had a friendship, though it was alleged to be far more. After intensive questioning by police, Gary Condit hired a criminal defense attorney. Even though Gary Condit was never charged, he lost his seat in Congress. Condit and his wife Carolyn moved to Arizona and opened a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop.

Gary Condit will be on The Dr. Phil Show on Thursday.

Do you think Gary Condit had anything to do with the murder of Chandra Levy? Do you think his wife had anything to do with it?

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