Anthony Weiner Is Sexting Again, Wife Huma Abedin Mortified

Anthony Weiner is sexting again, but this time, he’s a mongoose, and not Carlos Danger, his former sexting persona. A mongoose is “small but deceptively strong,” according to Weiner, who is obviously not known for his timing. It seems that this time, Anthony Weiner was caught exchanging flirty texts with a catfish he thought was a California college coed. It seems, once again that Anthony Weiner has embarrassed wife Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, who is nearing the finish line in the presidential race of her life. Anthony Weiner was on the west coast to rep the Democratic Party position on the Bill Maher Show when this most recent sexting scandal unfurled.

Anthony Weiner has been brought down twice now with sexting, first when he was a U.S. Representative, and next when Weiner ran for Mayor of New York. But this time, Weiner seems to be trying to sabotage his wife, Huma Abedin’s chance of a cabinet position in a Hillary Clinton White House. In the past, Weiner posted semi-nude selfies and carried on with a woman who calls herself Sydney Leathers. When “Weinergate” hit the first time, Anthony Weiner tried telling his wife, Huma Abedin, that his Twitter was hacked, but then Weiner had to come clean.

Just when it seemed that Anthony Weiner of the documentary Weiner might have learned something from his last two sexting scandals, it is being reported that Anthony Weiner was catfished, not by a college gal, but by a college guy, who heads up an NYC area college Republican club. Weiner claimed after the transcript of the sext was published that he knew the whole time he was being catfished, but that seems unlikely.

In the sext, Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, calls himself mongoose because of his “animal prowess.” The other sexter, who calls himself “Nikki,” chats about strappy black heels and suggests that Weiner come to the door in only a towel when the concierge arrives. Weiner says it sounds like the beginning of a dirty movie.

“This is definitely a porn set up.”

After “Nikki” says she just got off of work, Weiner supposes a scene where the concierge is wearing “black strappy sandals” and has just gotten off of work, and is coming to meet Weiner in his hotel room. When Nikki says her staff is getting her an Uber, Weiner jokes that there must be a “staff” joke there somewhere. Ew.

The sexting ends with Anthony Weiner giving “Nikki” his cell phone number and details of where to find him. Weiner asks “Nikki” to text him, so Weiner can hit the location feature button, so he can find Nikki.

“Text and I’ll hit that location button thing.”

When contacted after the fact, Weiner confirms that he did take part in this “playful jousting which was obviously a catfish.”

“I can confirm that I am indeed deceptively strong like a mongoose.”

Perhaps it’s time that Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger/Mongoose takes a serious Twitter break, as he seems to be an easy mark. The catfish used a female friend’s Twitter account and reeled Anthony Weiner into the point where Weiner gave out his private cell phone number and location, perhaps for some additional “conversation.”

But because “Nikki” was really a dude, there would be no meeting up with Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger/Mongoose, so after the invite, “Nikki” demurred.

“Sorry, I’m just entering traffic and have to go home or my roommate might hate me forever.”

New York Magazine suggests that even though Anthony Weiner has said that it is too late to delete his Twitter account, it is never too late.

“Seriously, though; it’s never too late.”

Do you think that Anthony Weiner can’t stop himself from getting in these positions, or at this time, he is trying to sabotage his wife, Huma Abedin?


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