Hillary Clinton And Bill Exposed For Secret Connection To Billionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein

Did Bill and Hillary Clinton lie about severing all ties with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein? After the financier was exposed for seducing girls as young as 14, Bill and Hillary Clinton seemed to have parted ways with their old friend. But in a new tell-all called Filthy Rich, Clinton and his democratic presidential candidate wife, Hillary, may still have secret ties to the disgraced businessman.


Clinton was revealed to have flown on Epstein’s private jet at least a dozen times between 2001 and 2003. Epstein was also a very proud founder of the infamous Clinton Foundation.

Although Bill and Hillary may claim not to associate with Epstein publicly anymore, the presidential couple are still close to his ex-girlfriend and confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell, according to Radar Online.

Maxwell is the daughter of late British publisher Robert Maxwell. In James Patterson’s new tell-all Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal That Undid Him, and All the Justice That Money Can Buy, Patterson revealed that a source close to Maxwell told him that Epstein’s ex still maintains a “warm relationship” with the Clintons.


Maxwell is now a 54-year-old socialite has been accused of acting as a “madame” for Epstein, introducing him to young teens before he was caught in 2005.

Epstein’s Florida mansion was raided in October 2005 after police spoke with multiple teen girls who claimed to have been sexually assaulted inside.

Epstein served just months in prison, despite dozens of allegedly young victims who spoke with the police. Epstein was charged on a single felony charge of solicitation of prostitution.


In 2015, an alleged victim of Epstein’s, Virginia Roberts, filed a civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, claiming the charity founder recruited her to have sex with Epstein in his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

“Epstein definitely liked his massages. He got them from two, even three, young women a day. Right in his mansion on the island. He’d been operating on an almost industrial scale. But who were these girls? Where had they come from? How did they find their way to his home on a secluded street in Palm Beach?”

Virginia Roberts claims to have been “forced to have sex” with the prince in the Caribbean, New York, and London. Patterson wrote in his tell-all how Epstein was close friends with Queen Elizabeth’s 56-year-old son, Andrew.

“She says that Epstein forced her and other underage girls to take part in an orgy in the Virgin Islands.”

Prince Andrew had always vehemently denied having sex with Roberts.

Prince Andrew has shockingly stood by Epstein through his trial and all of the allegations. The pair were caught walking around Central Park in 2011, two years after Epstein, 63, was released from prison, according to Radar Online.

Patterson alleged in his book, Filthy Rich, that a BBC program is working on an “in-depth” investigation into the prince’s relationship with Epstein and Roberts.


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If Bill and Hillary Clinton have secretly continued their relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, what does that have to say about the company that they keep?


At the end of September, Radar reported that 63-year-old Epstein was spotted out in NYC with a mystery woman who looked to be much younger than him.

Epstein’s return into the public eye probably comes at an unfortunate time for Hillary Clinton.


The Clinton’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein could seriously impact Hillary’s campaign. With the presidential election only two months away, Epstein’s reemergence may raise some unwanted questions for Hillary Clinton.

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