Hillary Clinton's Beauty Queen Alicia Machado Reportedly Has A Sex Tape

Hillary Clinton's newest presidential campaigner and Donald Trump's former Miss Universe has another dirty little secret: an x-rated sex tape. News broke earlier this week that Alicia Machado was linked to a brutal attempted murder, what else don't we know about this beauty queen?

In 2005, the former beauty queen Alicia Machado appeared on a Spanish reality TV show called La Granja, which translates in English to The Farm. The show brought celebrity participants together and had them work as farmers. Alicia Machado quickly found a way to stand out on the series.

Machado and another castmate Fernando Acaso were allegedly caught having sex on camera, according to a 2008 report by PeopleenEspanol.com.

According to the reports, Machado and Acaso were aware that they were being filmed, but continued their x-rated activity. Machado is heard on camera saying raunchy things to Acaso.

What could be worse than being caught on camera having sex with a co-star? Probably the fact that right next to Machado and Acaso were another pair of co-stars having a raunchy romp of their own.

Reality co-stars Maria Isabel Ruiz, formerly Miss Spain in 2004, and music producer Dani DJ were caught on camera having sex in the same room as Machado according to Radar Online.

Alicia Machado was actually engaged before entering the reality TV show. Baseball player Bobby Abreu publicly dumped Machado not long after the footage of her having sex with another man aired.


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Hillary Clinton failed to mention any of this information while bringing up Machado as her new supporter at the first presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton did not fail to mention that Donald Trump had previously referred to Alicia Machado as "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping" and demanding her to lose weight.
Donald Trump snapped back the next day, standing behind what he had said.
"I know that person, she was a Miss Universe person and she was the worst we ever had — the worst, the absolute worst."

"She was the winner and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem."

The "Trump victim" publicly thanked Clinton for defending her against Trump's "Miss Piggy" remarks.

Hillary Clinton also failed to mention that Alicia Machado was allegedly named in an attempted murder case 20 years ago, which was reported earlier in the week by Radar Online.

It seems that either Senator Clinton did not check into the former beauty queen's dark past or she just does not want to advertise the fact that Alicia Machado has some skeletons in her closet.

Since the first presidential debate, Alicia Machado has been featured in new advertisements campaigning for Hillary Clinton's presidency.

Machado has also been out in public meeting with Clinton supporters.
Will news of Alicia Machado's dirty secrets affect Hillary Clinton? Will this end up being a public relations nightmare for the presidential candidate?

By mentioning the former beauty queen during the first presidential debate, Senator Clinton knew she would make Machado's advertisement endorsing Clinton for president relevant in the current news cycle.

The former beauty has said that she is ready to move beyond her pageant queen past and work to encourage others to vote for Hillary Clinton this November.

Do you think Senator Clinton knew what she was getting into before adding Alicia Machado to her campaigning team? Comment below.

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